Gefilte Fish Out of Water

March 27, 2010, 9:24 pm
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I’ve got a lot of major changes coming at me all at once.  I’m starting to look for a new place, hoping to move out on April 30.  And I had a fantastic new business meeting last week that could bring me a lot of new work.

This is good stuff.  I put together my first PowerPoint presentation on how companies can use Facebook and Twitter, and I killed with it.  I’ve been asked to put together a proposal for next week, where I would do monthly social media trainings for this company’s clients – and be available to do social media implementation work for their clients.

This is fabulous, but I’m mostly just interested in the monthly trainings.  Even if a small % of their clients decide I was so impressive during a training that they want me to handle their Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin pages – say, 10 out of 138 – that’d still be a lot of new work all at one.  Too much?  And too much of the same kind of client – nonprofits – when I’d also like some fun, pop-culturey, commercial ones.

I’m all for replacing the remaining bit of work I’m letting go from my main nonprofit client when I stop working with them in May – but I might want to be more selective with who I replace them with.  Let self-belief drive a little while and give fear a rest.

The good news is all these changes are temporary.  In May, I’ll have a more stable roster of clients, and I’ll be living and working in my apartment by then.  But for the time being, I’m just in major flux – with two twin-biggies: housing and working.  Even though I know it’s temporary, I’ve still gotta hang on for dear life right now.


Trix r 4 Petey
March 27, 2010, 8:24 pm
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When my new dog friend Shasa showed me how her dog gives her paw on command – and even gives both of them when she says Want a manicure?, I knew I had to get busy.  This Sit and Stay stuff was kid stuff.  Yes, I’m thrilled Petey is finally housetrained, but I want him to impress my friends with tricks!

So, I taught him some.  Getting him to give me the first paw on command was hard work.  I just kept picking up his paw while I said Gimme your paw! – over and over and over again.  I’d do this at the end of our walk, when he was used to just getting a treat and going inside.  I think I really confused him and made him weary.  He was like What is this !?  and would start to lose his balance sometimes.  But finally – he just knew to pick it up when I said it.  Yay !!!   This took about two days of these 10-minute training sessions 4-5 x a day.

Once he got it, I was reluctant to start teaching him Gimme the OTHER paw!, because I didn’t want to mess with his head.  Sure enough, when we started on that, he was, like Whaddya mean, Gomer – I AM giving you my freakin paw, now shut up and gimme the treat, A-hole !!  But I just kept at it, the same process where I picked up his right paw while saying Gimme the OTHER paw!  This time, it only took 20 minutes for him to get it!  Yay !!!

Now, I make him do it for a treat every time.  It’s so cute – especially the way he gives me the 2nd paw.  The first one, he just gives me straight forward.  But the 2nd one, maybe it’s a balance thing as he simultaneously puts down the first one while picking up the other, but he sort of “winds up” and gives me his other paw in a roundabout arc, as if he were throwing a pitch.  I totes love it, it’s the cutest.

My Pushers
March 27, 2010, 8:07 pm
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I kinda love ’em, kinda hate ’em – I’m speaking of a certain type of Israeli friend – The Pusher.  I like these women – two dog friends from the neighborhood, Tali and Fanny – but sometimes when I see them coming, I’m like Ugh! 

Why?  Because they always speak to me in Hebrew.  They know I’m an Anglo and struggling with my Hebrew, and that’s precisely why they do it.  It’s totes done out of a desire to help me succeed. 

But I just kinda hate it.  Look, my attitude is – I’m doing fine w/ my Hebrew.  I’m only here one year.  I worked hard in language school my first six months to get a base in Hebrew, and even though I’ve forgotten quite a bit of it, it is just under the surface and will quickly come back (I think) when I continue w/ Hebrew night school later this spring.  I’m surprising myself by being able to speak whole sentences to people sometimes.  I’m at a level where I prefer that you let me speak “Hebrish” to you, and you answer me in English. 

But when Tali and Fanny speak to me full-on in Hebrew, the perfectionist in me just hates that I have to struggle like an idiot speaking with them for a few sentences in Hebrew before totes lapsing into English.  It’s really that “giving up” part that I hate; I hate failing.  So, I feel like – Ugh! Why are you bothering!?  We both know I can’t really do this – converse fluently in Hebrew – , so you’re just making me feel bad about myself.  So, stop !!

Today I started a new practice at the dog park.  While Pete plays, I’m taking vocabulary from last year’s Hebrew notes and writing them into a blank address book.  I’m filing them under the English word, and then writing the Hebrew word below it.

Honestly, for only beginning to learn this very different language, I think I’m doing just fine after one year.  ליאת, ליאת.

Samaderemy’s Wedding
March 27, 2010, 7:38 pm
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Scotty P Israeli Inner Circle mainstay Yoda Jeremy and actress extraordinaire and friend Samadar tied the knot last Tuesday in Jerusalem.  It was a really fun party w/some of my closest friends.  And the affair was the most extravagent I’ve seen yet in Israel.  (The above image is from their wedding invitation – Jeremy drew it !!)

I got a ride w/ the Becker-Barkins, and my friends Leah and Rebecca.  The wedding was in a hotel called The Sequoia, which is on a Kibbutz.  There wasn’t an exact street address, but I typed the kibbutz addy into Google Maps on my BlackBerry, and it totes got us there!

I’m a little stressed at the moment, so my writing’s gonna suck for the next couple posts.  Rather than struggle w/ posting masterpieces, I just wanna get some new stuff up.  So, I kind of said all I really need to about this.  You get the gist.

OK, a few more things:

  • Jeremy’s speech was great.  He even gave our table of mostly Ulpan rejects students a shout-out.  And I love shout-outs !!!
  • Samadar sang a song for Jeremy – Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man.  She has a beautiful singing voice.
  • Samadar’s family is part Yemenite, and there was a lot of, like, Middle Eastern music at the beginning of the party
  • This was the first wedding in Israel where we actually danced in a circle and did the hora and stuff (the other two I went to, we didn’t do this for some reason).  Is it more of a Diaspora Jewish tradition?  (Samadar’s mom is American.)
  • The desserts were insane!  Like four giant tables of different ones – my faves were this berry/merengue pie and this hot chocolate fondue stuff in a cup


Jeremy beams as he's walked down the aisle by Samadar's father and his bestie Aziz (visiting from Toronto)

The chuppah was alighted for the evening ceremony. White flowers abounded. It was beautiful, but it also reminded me of the way the sidewalk lit up in the "Billie Jean" video.

The room!

I pulled out all the prepster stops for this great new Facebook profile pic! Thanks, Anna.


Inneresting. Yemenite tradition? Peeps grabbed hold of Samadar's gown and lifted it up as they twirled around her. (She had another layer underneath, you pervs.)

Team "Route 425" Gets Down!

Think anyone'll notice if I smuggle one mini dessert out in my pants pocket?

Best Shabbat Ever
March 20, 2010, 10:12 pm
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Last night I didn’t go to bed until 6am.  It’s not that it was such a great night.  Neither of my favorite dance parties were happening, so I bar-hopped solo – went to EVITA (Tel Aviv’s main gay bar; NYers, think: SPLASH), Ashmoret, stood outside Minus One (where I couldn’t get past the velvet rope) and Laika.  I was home by 3am, but then putzed around online and finished the night w/ some junk food and an episode of glee while Petey slept across my chest.

I got up to walk Petey @ 10am, then went back to bed @ until 2pm.  My choices were clean the apartment, blog, or take Petey to the beach.  Obviously, I chose the beach.  We got a late start, and it was windy – but totes sunny.  We went to the dog beach and I read TIME magazine while Petey frolicked his tits off.  He really had an amazing time.  I wound up seeing my friends Michael and Tali and their dogs Lizzie & Lucky Sky.

Then, we came home and Petey crashed while I ate some cake & ice cream.  Then, I crashed.  Then, we woke up and watched an episode of glee w/ him sleeping on my chest.  Now, I just blogged these two posts, and we’re gonna watch the mid season finale of glee then go to sleep.

No cleaning, only two posts blogged (there is more to tell from the week, work-related shiz), junk food consumed.  What Shabbat is all about.

Petey Finds Out if He Makes the Top 12
March 20, 2010, 9:19 pm
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Dork Alert !   Sometimes after watching American Idol, I like to hold my dog Petey’s face in my hands and say to him dramatically as if I were Ryan Seacrest –

Petey,…America has voted….and after the nationwide vote, you…..ARE SAFE !!!

[the ability to crack oneself up is highly underrated]

Anyway, last week, I thought to try and capture it w/ video.  The results speak for themselves.

Heating Up
March 13, 2010, 10:01 pm
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Really just a quick note to say that my consulting business is progressing very nicely.  I am very busy, and enjoying my work very much.  I’m trying new things and seeing good results with them, and I’m gaining new clients, too.

I’m not going to talk about specific clients on here anymore, because I don’t think it’s smart.  They may not appreciate it; why risk it?  Also, it’s just not necessary to be that specific for this blog to work.

Since I last posted, I:

  • Created an online press room for a client and widely-yet-targeted distributed a press release for them
  • Started following-up on the press release and already generated some coverage for them (much more to come)
  • Started a Facebook fan page for my 3rd client
  • Designed and launched a Facebook gifting application (!!!) for a client that’s already been used 400 times !!!
  • Had a job interview for a 4th client and am working on my first power-point presentation for them on spec.

I’ve been working very, very hard – but it’s been very, very fun!