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2nd Year Oleh Economic Crash
December 29, 2009, 9:33 pm
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I got an email from my accountant this week, who told me I owe three Bituach Leumi payments, each around 500 NIS (approx $135).  As I understand it, Bituach Leumi is more than just the Israeli equivalent of Social Security.  Instead of just an entitlement benefit you receive upon retirement, it’s also like a national health insurance premium for our socialized healthcare.  I was exempt the first six months as an Oleh Chadash, but now it’s time to pay up.

Dang!  But double-dang is when I realized that November was my final Sal Klita payment, and I could kiss those free direct deposit shekels goodbye from now on.  Add in my NIS 300 monthly retainer to my accountant, and I was feeling fairly fucked.  There is a rent subsidy I was hoping would automatically kick in after the Sal Klita stopped, but it turns out I’m not eligible until my 13th month, which is April.

I need to make some more money fast!  I already live very modestly, but with these new expenses and expiring benefits, my salary is not going to be enough.  Crap.  On the plus side, the board of the nonprofit I work for is meeting this week, and a raise for me is on the agenda.  So, that’s good.  And, I had a 2nd job interview with [not telling yet] yesterday.  I thought it went very well, and the employer and I Tweeted each other after, so the signs are positive.  But I’ve been second guessing myself that I was maybe a  little too enthusiastic; too much Scotty P when i could have used a little more F. Scott Piro.

I have some savings I can draw on, so it’s not panic time.  But, let’s hope I was right about this.