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2nd Year Oleh Economic Crash
December 29, 2009, 9:33 pm
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I got an email from my accountant this week, who told me I owe three Bituach Leumi payments, each around 500 NIS (approx $135).  As I understand it, Bituach Leumi is more than just the Israeli equivalent of Social Security.  Instead of just an entitlement benefit you receive upon retirement, it’s also like a national health insurance premium for our socialized healthcare.  I was exempt the first six months as an Oleh Chadash, but now it’s time to pay up.

Dang!  But double-dang is when I realized that November was my final Sal Klita payment, and I could kiss those free direct deposit shekels goodbye from now on.  Add in my NIS 300 monthly retainer to my accountant, and I was feeling fairly fucked.  There is a rent subsidy I was hoping would automatically kick in after the Sal Klita stopped, but it turns out I’m not eligible until my 13th month, which is April.

I need to make some more money fast!  I already live very modestly, but with these new expenses and expiring benefits, my salary is not going to be enough.  Crap.  On the plus side, the board of the nonprofit I work for is meeting this week, and a raise for me is on the agenda.  So, that’s good.  And, I had a 2nd job interview with [not telling yet] yesterday.  I thought it went very well, and the employer and I Tweeted each other after, so the signs are positive.  But I’ve been second guessing myself that I was maybe a  little too enthusiastic; too much Scotty P when i could have used a little more F. Scott Piro.

I have some savings I can draw on, so it’s not panic time.  But, let’s hope I was right about this.


Your Last Shot.
November 21, 2009, 8:00 am
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Pete received his last puppy vaccination this week – a booster for “the six in one” vaccine against the six main puppy diseases.  They say two doses is sufficient, but three is recommended.

I thought he might cry, no nope – he totes didn’t even notice.  Pete’s back was to the doctor; he was standing on his back to legs, leaning on my shoulder and giving me kisses while the doctor gave him the shot.  Good boy!

And the shot was only 90 shekels (about $24.32; cheaper than the antibiotics he just completed).  Good vet!

Next up is his heartworm shot, which he’ll get next month and every four months after that.  (Even cheaper at 40 shex, until he hits a certain weight and it goes up to 80 shex.)