Gefilte Fish Out of Water

Beach Chillaxin
December 6, 2009, 1:24 am
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After my great meeting this morning with Shabi, I went home.  I was ready to get back into bed, because I had a late night the evening before without much rest.  But it was such a nice day, I decided to take Pete to the beach, since he’s only been there once, and I’ve only been there three times.

I brought along the book I’m not reading, EXODUS by Leon Uris and my old ulpan Hebrew notes and set off with Pete.  It was so nice.  Pete ran and sniffed along the shore.  Then, we went up onto a pier, and Pete was very curious about all the big rocks there and kept sticking his head down into them.

At one point, he made it his mission to dislodge a dead crab.  He succeeded in breaking off a leg and then devoured it.  I let him eat the whole thing – omega 3‘s are good for you, right?  Plus, I think it’s funny – my boy has a thing for sea food!  Earlier this week as we walked to the dog park, he spotted an entire raw fish that someone had thrown on the street (WTF??? – well, there are hundreds of alley cats on our streets, so maybe that’s why someone put there; at least I HOPE that’s why) and got to it before I could stop him.  He took a giant piece (the head !?!) and, like, inhaled it.  I opened his mouth and reached in there to yank it out, but that sucker was GONE.  I couldn’t fault him; it was probably like manna from heaven for him, LOL.)

Anyway, then we parked ourselves on the Hilton Hotel’s lounge chairs on the beach.  I tied Pete up to my chair, and he sniffed around, climbed all over me, and tried to eat my book.  It was totes blissfully Zen.  Even when someone from Hilton came over and charged us 12 shekels to sit there.

Pete played with a few dogs:

And because I can, here are some great glamour shots of this little superstar:

I love this one. He's really chewing on a stick. But doesn't it look like he's super anxiously watching to see if his team makes the field goal from the 50 yard line with two seconds left in overtime? LOL !!

Parting shots?  Me & ma boy:

You think I'm happy in this picture ?

P.S.  Don’t my feet have really high arches?

P.P.S.  Pete came home and CRASHED!


This just in: FETCH !!!
November 12, 2009, 11:05 am
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Playing-FetchOMG, you guys.  Even though Petey didn’t seem to get the concept of Fetch! last week when I tried with a stick, he was so good this morning, waiting in his crate as I blogged about him, that I wanted to make his next walk a little more special.

kong toy So I brought Petey’s new Air Kong – squeaker! toy with me as we left, and figured we would give Fetch another whirl (sorry, pun Haters).

Guess what – he’s not too young!  I mean, I guess it was more like “Baby Fetch,” in that I could only throw it a short distance and had to fling it like a Frisbee, because he has to see it leave my hand and where it lands (so it’s not the more classic style of he-looks-at-me-while-I-chuck-it,-then-he-turns-and-races-after-it, yo).

But, OMG you guys, his first Fetch !!!

He retrieved it and brought it back on his first two tries.  I squatted down to his level and acted super enthused about him bringing it back, which I think helped.

…and, then he never did it again.  Oh, he retrieved it a bunch more times, but would lose interest in bringing it back and drop it in favor of random park smells.

Still, I am tres satisfied and beaming.  🙂

Like, where’s Annette?
November 12, 2009, 9:41 am
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Last week, Petey’s Aunt Leah came back from a visit to the States.  We made plans to get together.  What do you wanna do? I asked.  How bout a walk on the beach? she suggested.  Perfect! I said. Petey’s never been to the beach yet! And that was that.

So, we walked over to Hilton Beach – which, lucky for me, just so happens to be both the gay beach and the dog beach – and did our thing.

Petey had never been on sand before!  And he liked it!!  He kept digging his paws into it, I think because it felt so cool.  And, Petey being Petey, he was instantly popular!  A lot of dogs came right up to us to say HI.





We walked along the surf to a couple of chairs.  Petey didn’t mind walking in damp sand, but he did get kinda freaked by the surf coming in and backed away anytime water was actually coming at him.

Then, Leah and I chilled on some lounge chairs and caught up.  We let Petey off leash and he was really digging the beach (ha – no pun intended).  A lot of guys called him over, and hugged and gave him kisses when he went to their towels to greet them.  Other paparazzi guys whipped out giant-lensed cameras and started shooting his brilliance.  At one point, some queens guys called him over, and Petey ran totes across another guy’s towel who was in his path. He gave me a somewhat dirty look.  Hey, I thought, don’t look at me, brother!  Blame the queens guys who called Petey over.

Another thing that was funny was when Petey went to check out some guy who was reading a book by himself.  Petey went over and started to pull on his towel.  They guy wasn’t into Peteylovin just then; he wanted to read his book.  I eventually went over and scooped Petey up and said in a cute, flirty way as I did it (even though the guy wasn’t really cute) – Petey! That’s Daddy’s job.




Then, Petey kinda observed this family playing in the surf – a mom, child & dog.  He still wouldn’t go in the surf himself.  But I like that he saw that other people – and dogs – had no problem with it and even had fun in it.  Setting the stage for next time, perhaps…