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Gay Soup
July 25, 2009, 8:22 pm
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I was really good to myself this weekend.

Oh, I still did a lot of work – chaired an AA meeting on Friday, cleaned the eff out of my apartment because it was my turn to host our Saturday Hebrew study group, and wrote my second column at IGoogledIsrael.  (BTW, I’m really proud of this column.  I was so afraid that I’d be a One Trick Pony, and I didn’t have as clear an idea for this column as I did the first one…it took an hour longer to complete than last week’s, but it turned out pretty good, and I’m so relieved… 🙂 )

But yesterday I decided not to go into the office.  I can do this b/c:

A) I’m an independent contractor, and

B) Friday is the weekend in Israel (but a workday in the U.S., where my job is based).  Sunday is a workday in Israel (but still the weekend in the U.S.).  I usually wind up working both days (and taking off only Saturday as just a one-day weekend), but I tend to do half days for Fri & Sun, having them equal one full day when combined.  It’s really sweat off nobody’s back that I didn’t go in on Friday.

Then today, when half of my study group cancelled on me, I decided to call up the remaining member and ask that we cancel the group for the day.  She was cool with it.

Yay,  B E A C H   D A Y !!!IMG_2504

I’ve waited almost five months for this!  This is showing incredible discipline, believe me – b/c I am a Total Beach Person.  But with school and work during the week, and then a 1-day weekend that I choose to spend studying Hebrew, there just ain’t been time to go right now.

But today, I went for it.  I was so excited, packing lunch into the mini-cooler, stuffing my blanket and towel into the beach bag.  I rode my bicycle 5 minutes to Hilton Beach, which is Tel Aviv’s gay beach.

The eye candy was ridick !!!

Man, it was hot out, too.  But I applied and reapplied my sunscreen, and I’m happy to say I didn’t get burnt.  I actually studied some Hebrew by myself, and read some of my Summer Beach Read, The Brief, Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao.

IMG_2501I saw someone really cute I knew, who ended up joining the hunk on the blanket next to mine, and I had a great opener – I’m Facebook friends with you.  (B/c it’s true: we chatted on Atraf, I tried to make a date with him that never happened, but we became FB friends, although we’d never met in person before this).

I saw a guy I know from Ulpan.  I actually saw a guy I know from….New York!  How random???  Yeah, he’s just an acquaintance, but once about 9 years ago, we made out in his car for a little bit.  Random – he’s here for the first time visiting an Israeli GF.

Then I went into the water, or as I’d like to call it, the “Gay Soup.”  That’s slang a friend of mine made up for when a bunch of gay guys hang out in a jacuzzi.  Only this was, like, a jumbo bowl of soup, b/c we’re talking about the mild, gently-waved Mediterr-effing-Anean.  And there were literally about 100 gay men splashing around in there.  I was all by myself at first, but enjoying the eye candy.  I started talking to two Israelis, and then we bumped into my NYer acquaintance.  So, presto-whamo, suddenly I’m in a neat little clique/cluster, bobbing amidst the larger Gay Soup.  It was divine.

I hung at the beach for almost 5 hours and had a blast.  Came back to good news from my editor, who said he loved my 2nd column and had no edits for me.  Then, it turns out I barely had any Hebrew homework to do.  So, I had time for this post, and now I’ll hit the sack and actually get a good rest before the week starts up tomorrow.

One more Parting Shot:



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GAY SOUP!! That’s the best! matza BALL soup

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