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This just in: FETCH !!!
November 12, 2009, 11:05 am
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Playing-FetchOMG, you guys.  Even though Petey didn’t seem to get the concept of Fetch! last week when I tried with a stick, he was so good this morning, waiting in his crate as I blogged about him, that I wanted to make his next walk a little more special.

kong toy So I brought Petey’s new Air Kong – squeaker! toy with me as we left, and figured we would give Fetch another whirl (sorry, pun Haters).

Guess what – he’s not too young!  I mean, I guess it was more like “Baby Fetch,” in that I could only throw it a short distance and had to fling it like a Frisbee, because he has to see it leave my hand and where it lands (so it’s not the more classic style of he-looks-at-me-while-I-chuck-it,-then-he-turns-and-races-after-it, yo).

But, OMG you guys, his first Fetch !!!

He retrieved it and brought it back on his first two tries.  I squatted down to his level and acted super enthused about him bringing it back, which I think helped.

…and, then he never did it again.  Oh, he retrieved it a bunch more times, but would lose interest in bringing it back and drop it in favor of random park smells.

Still, I am tres satisfied and beaming.  🙂


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