Gefilte Fish Out of Water

I like it on Daddy’s Chair.
November 12, 2009, 10:15 am
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So, I have this awesome le corbusier lounge chair that I sit in when I want to watch TV on my computer before bed.  I like to bring Petey onto my lap, and he curls in a ball and conks out while I pet him.  It’s totes the cutest.  *le sigh* My favorite part, though, is when the stream show is over, I lift him up and place him on his dog bed in his pen.  He doesn’t wake up, but makes little sleepy, stirry, yawn/stretch mmm noises.  *heart melt*

Anyway, the other day when we got back from an evening walk, I was making up his dinner for him and I let him walk around the apartment a bit.  Usually, this is just not smart to do unsupervised, because Pete never met an object he didn’t like to chew.  I heard some sounds, and thought I should go over there because I couldn’t see him.  But I was busy making up a syringe of his antibiotic juice, and I wanted to finish first.

Please God, don’t let him be chewing on the leather of the le corbusier chair like I saw him try and do before once.

Nope – he had managed to climb up and fall asleep in “our spot” all by himself!

OMG – Cuteness overload !

Really, I am going to be strict about not letting him on that chair, or the sofa, or my bed.  But I could not remove him from there this time.  He looked so comfy, and I was really touched, because I think he identified that spot as a safe one, where we do our best intimate bonding, and he wanted to be there, in that spot and nowhere else.  Aww…