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Lullabye and Goodnight
November 4, 2009, 10:57 am
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Lately, when I know Petey’s been out recently, and I don’t think he’d have an accident, I’ll take him out of his crate and let him sit in my lap as I watch internet TV in my delicious Le Corbusier lounge chair before bed.  (Loving and will be sad to see the seasons of Mad Men and Project Runway end, but haven’t yet bothered to give FlashForward, Vampire Diaries, or GLEE a chance.  But just remembered I love C.S.I., we we’ve been watching those.  Oh, and V premiered last night!  Waste all Lizards !!!)

Anyway, you guys, it is so cute – the way Petey falls asleep in my lap and readjusts periodically to keep getting more comfortable, sometimes sprawled out, sometimes curled into a tight, tiny ball.  When the show ends, I lift him up, carry him over my shoulder to his pen, and lay him gently down on his doggy bed in there.  He doesn’t wake up during this, but maybe half stirs and makes little sleepy noises.  To me, it is just like, putting my crashed-out toddler to bed, and I LOVE IT !!! I feel so paternal and so much love, I almost can’t stand it.




There's no place like Dad's lap.




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You are delicious, Petey!!!

Comment by Jennifer

Hey! I miss you guys. The Halloween & Pumpkin pics were The Best. I’m sending you a present: a cheapie webcam from I’m also going to create a dummy gmail address for you and use it to open a Skype account and input me as a contact. This way – all you will have to do is visit and download the software and that’ll be it. The account will already be created with me as a contact. No work needed to hook up the webcam either. Just plug it in, your PC will tell you it’s finding and installing the drivers for it itself, and voila, should be good to go in 5 min. What’s this about? Want to be able to talk to the mispacha at T-6. xoxo

Comment by skatp

[…] though, is when the stream show is over, I lift him up and place him on his dog bed in his pen.  He doesn’t wake up, but makes little sleepy, stirry, yawn/stretch mmm noises.  *heart […]

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