Gefilte Fish Out of Water

Throw the guy a bone.
December 12, 2009, 8:37 pm
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I like to give Petey bones.  Mainly, so he will keep busy and not whine for me to play with him when I’m working.  But it’s hard finding the right one.  We tried this one last week made entirely out of pressed vegetable starch.  100% digestible, and promotes tarter control and good gum health.  Yeah, but he devoured the entire thing in like one hour.  Duh…that’s no good!

So, I went Old Skool on his ass and got some, like, giant deer femur or some shiz like that – a real bone with like a whole joint attached and shit.  He’s workin on it right now, in fact.  Today though, as we brought Pete out with us to a café while we got some coffee, we discovered this bone has a downside, too.

It gives Pete stinker’s gas!   P.U. !!!