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Big Boys
December 14, 2009, 11:22 am
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As I wrote about a few weeks ago in my iGoogledIsrael column, while there are resident gay bars in TLV, a lot of the nightlife scene revolves around independently promoted parties that happen weekly in usually straight venues.  Big Boys is one of these that happens in a big space in Jaffo called The Theatre Club.  The “big” in the title refers to men over 30, not bears.

Serious gay clubbers would scoff at the music.  It’s not pro-spinning for sure, though we do have that in Israel.  There are huge after-hours parties with “real” DJs like Offer Nissim who spin the latest original mixes with creative transitions, etc.  This isn’t that.  It’s mainly europop and dancepop like GaGa, Madonna, and Beyonce, and I’m cool with that.  As for the guys, it’s a bit like shopping at Marshall’s: there are good finds there, but you have to look through a lot of crap to find them.  Plus, I like that unlike most bars in Tel Aviv, they don’t allow smoking inside.

Anyway, I met my friend Danny there last Friday night, and we met up with our friends Russell and Avi, and then I met a new Oleh who turned out to be from my exact small town in suburban Philly (We Are!  U.D.!), and the music was pretty good.

This shot is from my BlackBerry cam on the dancefloor.