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Human Rights March
December 12, 2009, 9:13 pm
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Thursday was International Human Rights Day.  I saw something about a march and rally in Tel Aviv on Friday, when it showed up in my Facebook newsfeed after two friends posted they were attending it.

I decided to attend.  Both my friends who were attending were gay, and I thought it could be a “gay rights are human rights” kind of thing.  And it was.   But it was also Arab rights’ advocates, migrant workers, environmentalists and feminists, united under the slogan “No Way.”

Since it was a nice day out and dogs tend to attract boys people to you, I decided to bring Pete along.  As you can see, he found a friend to march with and another to play with at the rally.  It was especially cool, because Pete is black and small, and the dogs he played with were light colored and big, and I thought it very much fit into the spirit of the rally, because it was a clear demonstration of harmony and peace.

We stayed for only part of the rally, because I had to work.  They had some cool reggae music at first and then speakers in Hebrew I couldn’t understand.  I didn’t meet Mr. Right.  But I did have fun.

An Israeli TV news reporter interviews an Arab woman.