Gefilte Fish Out of Water

November 20, 2009, 10:38 pm
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One of the nice things about my gym, Pure, is that they will customize a new workout program for you every two months.  I got my third consultation this week.  This time I had a new guy named Oren.

Girlfriend is serious!  He put me on a (I forget what he called it, but it has a lot of supersets) program designed to really burn a lot of calories.  Here’s the program:

15 bench press reps + 15 bicep curl reps + 15 lower abs (pushing my hips off the bench and my feet up in the air).  45 seconds rest.  2 more sets of this, with another 45 seconds rest in between the sets.

1 minute of treadmill @ 12.5 km/hr, followed by 1 minute of treadmill at 6.5 km/hr

2 minute rest

15 lat pulldowns + 15 tricep extensions + 20 crunches.  45 seconds rest.  2 more sets (each w/ 45 sec rest in b/t).

Same interval cardio as before.  Another 2 minute rest.

Last exercise is this killer squat/overhead press combo, where I lift the bar over my head when I come up from the squat.  15 reps, followed by 20 reps of the oblique abs exercise of my choice.

Finish up with 2 km of treadmille @ 10 km/hour pace.

Damn !!!

Wait, there’s more.  He also gave me a diet nutrition regimen to follow.

3% fat yogurt before I walk the dog in the a.m.

2 egg omelette + 1 small bowl oatmeal for breakfast.

3 hours later – snack of 1 apple & another 3% yogurt

lunch is some protein (chicken breasts, tuna, fish, tofu, chick peas, beans), small dish of carbs (pasta, yams, rice, potatoes)

3 hours later – snack of 5% fat cheese on whole wheat bread (half a sandwich)

dinner is veggies & dairy

And I’m supposed to stick with this

But so far two whole days I have stuck with it.  I don’t like to cook, but I am making the omelette, and I boiled up a batch of whole wheat pasta to heat up small bowls from each day, and I’m eating lots of these pre-made salads and my new favorite food (who would’ve thunk): cottage cheese (1%!) (sweetened with two splendas, though).

Oren measured my body fat, and I’m at 22%.  That’s normal range for someone who’s 40, but I’m still 39, so it means I’m a little high.  Oren was a great motivator.  I always knew diet was my big problem.  My diet isn’t terrible (I don’t eat fried foods or red meat), but I have a mondo and a half sweet tooth.  But I think I just needed to have somebody hand me a plan like this, for me to be able to stick to it.

Wait.  Check with me in a week before you break out the sparklers.