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Care Package
November 12, 2009, 12:36 pm
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Petey’s Aunt Betsy, owner of the Chestnut Hill, PA pet store, The Bone Appetite, sent him a care package, and we were so excited to pick it up from the post office yesterday.

IMG00137First of all, everything was wrapped in the cutest tissue paper with little bones all over it.

Secondly, there was was such good stuff in there !!!

Petey looks real good in red, and he’s been rocking a red leash and collar up until now.  But Betz got us a new yellow leash/collar combo with the cutest “dog food” pattern on it – like the Campbell’s red & white soup cans.

And – attached to it is his very own custom dog tag !!!


That's Mr. Petey to you !

It says PETEY PIRO on the front and has my phone number on the back.  Oh, it is so stylin’ and we give a big SHOUT OUT and THANK YOU to our Aunt Betz !!!

What other goodies were in there?

Well, for starters, only the most hysterical Hillary Clinton doggie chew toy, LOL!  The company is called Political Animals and also makes “Bark Obama” and “John McCanine.”  How cute is that ???

Look at some of the jokes on the Hillary doll:


Look how she has a collar with "Bill" on it attached to a "short leash." LOL !!!

We also got a Himalayan Dog Chew treat, made from an “ancient” recipe that Buddhist monk dogs ate or some shiz.  Alright, sign us up.  And the superawesome Air Kong squeaker toy that helped Petey leapfrog two doggie grades and learn how to play Fetch! like some doggie genius.

Wow, we’re really lucky.


Eff Bill!, it's Petey who sleeps with Hill.


...yeah, he really eats her up.


Stylin' in my new leash/collar combo. You likes? I'm also really into sticks now.