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You know you’re at a gay Israeli brunch when…
December 29, 2009, 8:02 pm
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…the soundtrack is a disc called “Techno Arabia.”  (Classic Arabic songs set to a beat.)

The morning after the Big Boys Xmas Party, I slept pretty late, like until noon.  When I got up I saw that my friend Russell had called me twice and txt’d me once.  I called him back, and was happy to receive his invitation to join him, his husband Avi and some of their other friends for brunch that afternoon.  After eating, they were going to watch a Lebanese movie on DVD about a bunch of women who hang out in the same beauty shop.

I had planned to blog all day, because I was going to an Israeli Blogger’s Evening that night, and wanted to have fresh content up.  So, I said I would be over for brunch but not stay for the movie.

I was the first one to arrive.  Avi was finishing up the cooking and preparations.  He prepared three different quiches, a salad, and a spicy pasta salad.  Yummers McYum!

A nice gay couple (one Israeli, one Muslim Arab) and nice guy (Christian Arab) I had seen last night at Big Boys were the other guests.  We were pretty diverse!  An interesting twist was that the couple were BFFs with the new Oleh I didn’t quite get started with.   They asked if I’d like to come out with them + the Oleh.  Well, duh!

We spoke in a mix of Hebrew and English.  I got a few compliments on my Hebrew (that I’m doing really well for the short amount of time I have been here), which was nice.

Good times with the א List Gays.