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December 19, 2009, 5:20 pm
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Last week I wrote about having a really fun time at Big Boys, a bi-weekly dance party for gay guys over 30.  One of the cool things about the night was this guy I randomly met on the dance floor.  Some of his friends knew some of my friends, and that’s how we all wound up dancing together.

Look, I showed him this blog, so it’s very possible he’s reading this, so I have to be careful not to come off even more psycho.  But this is REALLY where I’m at now, and this is what I know to do about it, so – here goes.

It’s actually nothing major.  The friends were Olim (immigrants to Israel) who had been here for 20+ years, so I assumed the same thing about this guy.  It turns out he’s right off the boat, only here a few weeks.  Then, we really quickly established that we’re from the same small suburb from Pennsylvania.  It was really some coincidence!

We seemed to click and made a date to have coffee this week.  We enjoyed one another’s company and the chemistry was there, too.  We talked a bunch more times during the week on the phone and went out again last night.

That’s when he told me at the end of the date that he “doesn’t know what he wants.”

Actually, I can’t fault the guy.  I know right where he is; it was me less than a year ago.  He’s just landed in a new country, doesn’t speak the language, is finding a place to live, doesn’t have a job yet.  Absolutely no need for me take this personally, because it’s not meant that way.  No sour grapes.

But I’m disappointed, and all I can do is feel that until it passes.  Well, that and eat lots of high-fructose corn syrup and saturated fat.  Already coming off of Hanukkah (when we eat lots of sufganote, or powdered jelly donuts), I’ve had about 10 danish and 6 “Fastbreak” candybars since yesterday.  Sorry, but cottage cheese with Splenda was just not going to cut it.  At least I didn’t go the Ben & Jerry’s route.  This display had more carbs but not as much fat.

Actually, I’m kinda pleased with my tummy photo up there.  It’s really not that bad.  And if that’s what I look like at close range without ‘sucking it in’ and after a major pig out…I’m doin’ alright.  Anyway, back to the gym hardcore tomorrow.


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