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November 15, 2009, 8:31 pm
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untitledSo, I’ve had some grey hair around my temples for about ten years already.  It’s never increased.  My hair has 98% retained of its dark brown color.

My beard, however, has had a Big Old Grey Party for like the last five years.  ItIMG_1246 has gone quite grey since then, as my brother likes to point out.  It’s OK, he has a bird chest.

But the hair on my head has stayed the same color.

Until now ?

I thought I saw new patch of grey recently, right in the center/front of my hairline.  Although, on closer inspection it turned out to be just really thick face sunscreen having coated it white.  Close call.

But then my friend Leah remarked last week that she “really liked the salt & pepper thing” I had goin’ on.  *anxious groan*

Look, I’ve always thought I’d let myself go naturally grey, rather than look like one of those oil-slicked, clearly dyed Gramps with an Eddie Munster ‘do.  Greys are like “God’s highlights,” I’ve proudly remarked many times.

But then you start gettin’ more of them…

IMG_3112And last week I got my hair cut in a salon.  Up until now, I’ve been going to a barber and just getting it buzzed.  It looks nice that way, ya gotta love the no-maintenance aspect of it, plus I think when paired with a clean shaven mug, it makes me look quite young.

But I’m gonna let it grow longer for the winter, and I so I went to a salon to get it styled.  After the cut, the guy asks me if I want him to put a rinse on that will get rid of my greys,  but look very natural.  *burn* Maybe I considered it 15%, but I ultimately declined and continued to do so as the stylist kept saying Are you sure?

As freaky as it is to watch yourself age…what’s the alternative – to die?  And it would be weird to always remain the same age; probably boring, too.  It would probably even be weird & boring to just look the same age even if you did continue to get older.

Anyway, there’s just one more thing.  I found my first grey “secondary sex characteristic” hair last week.  And I’m not talking about my already very grey (and trimmed, to minimize the effect) chest.  Wow.  It did give me a great idea for a book title though, which I’ll be coy and not share.