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Bubbling Under
December 27, 2009, 12:35 am
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I have a great feeling right now.  Not a fleeting one, I mean, but a more general overall vibe that positive and significant change is coming.  In fact, it is imminent, and it will be rapid.

From where, right?  A couple of places.  The first is a brand new development, and it’s not time to blab about it yet.  I saw a JOBOPP post on CIWI, and I answered it – the kind that almost looked too-good-to-be-true, it was so perfect.  The subject line asked three questions, and it was so über-directed right at me, I could answer all three, like Yes! Yes!!  Yes!!! So, I answered it, and it lead to a phone interview.  And it seemed to go very well.  It’s a writing position, and although it would be freelance/hourly at first, I had to ask if I liked them and they liked me & my work, was there potential it could turn into something more.  There was one more caveat, it turns out: they are a startup and so, the funding would have to be there for that to happen.  But essentially, yes – if things look like they are working out between us, there is definitely that potential.  I have an in-person interview with them scheduled for Monday.  The last thing I will say about it is:

Then, there’s  Shabi wants to film my YouTube news report of Silvano Orsi‘s story this week.  I’m not sure how this is going to work: We don’t have any video to go with the story, nor do we have soundbites from the Swiss and American embassies.  In fact, we don’t even have statements from them, because they haven’t replied to our faxed questions.  So, Shabi wants this to be just me telling the story to the camera.  At least from what I learned in my MediaBistro courses, that’s just all kinds of wrong.  But it is what it is.  I’ll do my best, and hope the result works.

We’ll do more stories after that, and then it’s not far fetched at all to think that a producer from Israel’s Channel One or Channel Two English-language news broadcasts will see these.  This is a small country; our whole population isn’t even as big as New York City.  The talent pool for skilled, mother-tongue English-language TV news presenters has got to be relatively small.  I could end up having the TV news career in Israel that I never got to have in the US.  Wouldn’t that be something?  Now that I’m not so desperate for it to happen – in fact, pretty ambivalent about it – I feel like that it’s all the more likely to.

It’s really just those two things.  There is also the G-Fish memoir writing.  Though I have lapsed on it temporarily, I will pick it up again this week.  My current project at work is also extremely exciting.  I’m working with a web designer volunteer in Australia on the new version of our website.  He came to us through a comment I left on an article at that was related to our work.  That’s pretty incredible, I think.  And we’re using Google Wave and Twitter direct messages to work on this really creative and important project together – 8,700 miles and 8 time zones apart.

2010 is going to be great!


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Thanks. I’m not really posting here anymore. I’ve gotten too busy w/ work. I should probably do a farewell post, but who has the time? Anyway, I’m glad you enjoy the blog, and there are a year and a half’s worth of posts, so keep reading them all. Thanks, Scott.

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