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Your Last Shot.
November 21, 2009, 8:00 am
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Pete received his last puppy vaccination this week – a booster for “the six in one” vaccine against the six main puppy diseases.  They say two doses is sufficient, but three is recommended.

I thought he might cry, no nope – he totes didn’t even notice.  Pete’s back was to the doctor; he was standing on his back to legs, leaning on my shoulder and giving me kisses while the doctor gave him the shot.  Good boy!

And the shot was only 90 shekels (about $24.32; cheaper than the antibiotics he just completed).  Good vet!

Next up is his heartworm shot, which he’ll get next month and every four months after that.  (Even cheaper at 40 shex, until he hits a certain weight and it goes up to 80 shex.)


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I agree, two isn’t enough to be certain the dog has gotten sufficient protection. I recommend 3 then a booster every 3 years. 🙂

Comment by Walnut Hill

Thanks, Walnut. I heard a booster EVERY year.

Comment by skatp

Well, supposedly the shots can be good for up to 7 years… some people never do a booster. annual boosters is okay, but basically unnecessary, though it won’t hurt them at all. That’s why we settled on 3 years. : )

Comment by Walnut Hill

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