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Best Shabbat Ever
March 20, 2010, 10:12 pm
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Last night I didn’t go to bed until 6am.  It’s not that it was such a great night.  Neither of my favorite dance parties were happening, so I bar-hopped solo – went to EVITA (Tel Aviv’s main gay bar; NYers, think: SPLASH), Ashmoret, stood outside Minus One (where I couldn’t get past the velvet rope) and Laika.  I was home by 3am, but then putzed around online and finished the night w/ some junk food and an episode of glee while Petey slept across my chest.

I got up to walk Petey @ 10am, then went back to bed @ until 2pm.  My choices were clean the apartment, blog, or take Petey to the beach.  Obviously, I chose the beach.  We got a late start, and it was windy – but totes sunny.  We went to the dog beach and I read TIME magazine while Petey frolicked his tits off.  He really had an amazing time.  I wound up seeing my friends Michael and Tali and their dogs Lizzie & Lucky Sky.

Then, we came home and Petey crashed while I ate some cake & ice cream.  Then, I crashed.  Then, we woke up and watched an episode of glee w/ him sleeping on my chest.  Now, I just blogged these two posts, and we’re gonna watch the mid season finale of glee then go to sleep.

No cleaning, only two posts blogged (there is more to tell from the week, work-related shiz), junk food consumed.  What Shabbat is all about.


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