Gefilte Fish Out of Water

March 27, 2010, 9:24 pm
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I’ve got a lot of major changes coming at me all at once.  I’m starting to look for a new place, hoping to move out on April 30.  And I had a fantastic new business meeting last week that could bring me a lot of new work.

This is good stuff.  I put together my first PowerPoint presentation on how companies can use Facebook and Twitter, and I killed with it.  I’ve been asked to put together a proposal for next week, where I would do monthly social media trainings for this company’s clients – and be available to do social media implementation work for their clients.

This is fabulous, but I’m mostly just interested in the monthly trainings.  Even if a small % of their clients decide I was so impressive during a training that they want me to handle their Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin pages – say, 10 out of 138 – that’d still be a lot of new work all at one.  Too much?  And too much of the same kind of client – nonprofits – when I’d also like some fun, pop-culturey, commercial ones.

I’m all for replacing the remaining bit of work I’m letting go from my main nonprofit client when I stop working with them in May – but I might want to be more selective with who I replace them with.  Let self-belief drive a little while and give fear a rest.

The good news is all these changes are temporary.  In May, I’ll have a more stable roster of clients, and I’ll be living and working in my apartment by then.  But for the time being, I’m just in major flux – with two twin-biggies: housing and working.  Even though I know it’s temporary, I’ve still gotta hang on for dear life right now.


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