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March 27, 2010, 8:24 pm
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When my new dog friend Shasa showed me how her dog gives her paw on command – and even gives both of them when she says Want a manicure?, I knew I had to get busy.  This Sit and Stay stuff was kid stuff.  Yes, I’m thrilled Petey is finally housetrained, but I want him to impress my friends with tricks!

So, I taught him some.  Getting him to give me the first paw on command was hard work.  I just kept picking up his paw while I said Gimme your paw! – over and over and over again.  I’d do this at the end of our walk, when he was used to just getting a treat and going inside.  I think I really confused him and made him weary.  He was like What is this !?  and would start to lose his balance sometimes.  But finally – he just knew to pick it up when I said it.  Yay !!!   This took about two days of these 10-minute training sessions 4-5 x a day.

Once he got it, I was reluctant to start teaching him Gimme the OTHER paw!, because I didn’t want to mess with his head.  Sure enough, when we started on that, he was, like Whaddya mean, Gomer – I AM giving you my freakin paw, now shut up and gimme the treat, A-hole !!  But I just kept at it, the same process where I picked up his right paw while saying Gimme the OTHER paw!  This time, it only took 20 minutes for him to get it!  Yay !!!

Now, I make him do it for a treat every time.  It’s so cute – especially the way he gives me the 2nd paw.  The first one, he just gives me straight forward.  But the 2nd one, maybe it’s a balance thing as he simultaneously puts down the first one while picking up the other, but he sort of “winds up” and gives me his other paw in a roundabout arc, as if he were throwing a pitch.  I totes love it, it’s the cutest.


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