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LA Traffic Violation !?!
March 13, 2010, 9:33 pm
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So, you know, I still haven’t received my driver’s license in the mail yet, even though it’s been more than the “two weeks” they said it would take to arrive.  No biggie – T.I.I., I knew it would take longer, and I know I’ll get it eventually.

But when I got an envelope with the word “traffic” on it, my mind naturally went to – Ooh! My license is finally here!  But, you know, why was the letter from the TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS BUREAU in LOS ANGELES?  Say it with me, people –


So, this is almost just too out there to even explain.  But there is a citation issued against me from December 2009 in Los Angeles – a place I haven’t been since 1985 – for running a red light – even though the person caught driving by the traffic camera is a BLONDE WOMAN, and I’m like, you know, not.

So, I called L.A. up last week and explained the situation (b/c the form said I had to mail shit back to them – and there was a section to fill out “if you were not the driver of the car,” but when you haven’t been to the location in 25 years, you were on another continent when the accident took place, and the driver is a different sex that you – there was no section on the form to fill out for all that.

It turns out that the owner of the car, who was served the citation is an Israeli man, and he sent back information saying he was not the driver of the car – and that I was – and he gave my name, address, birthday…and for my license number, he got that wrong, but he used the Israeli equivalent of my social security card number for it.

The woman at the Bureau of Traffic Violations I spoke with in L.A. gave me the number of the deputy I should speak with about the citation, because my situation allowed her to.  The deputy was not there when I called, but I did get to explain the whole situation to another officer, who took notes, and said I will hear from the deputy this week.

The first order of business is to get the citation against me dropped.  But after that, I want to prosecute this fucker,

Mr. Yaron Zarafshan, who lives on 17421 Collins Street in Encino, CA 91316.

I mean, this shit is some serious fraud.  Using my name, addy, bday, and Teudat Zehut (Israeli soc sec #) illegally – let’s send this fucker to jail, people.

More to come…


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report this to the Israeli authorities as well. you’re a victim of identity theft and Israel needs to know.

Comment by annab

OK – how? Just show up at the police station?

Comment by skatp

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