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Random Israeli Asscrack
March 13, 2010, 3:33 pm
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I’ve blogged about it before – there is entirely too much asscrack on display in this country.  It’s not just the contstruction workers and Britney wannabes.  This picture comes from…..[wait for it]…..a waiter at the nice (!!)restaurant we went to on our camping trip.  Excuse me, Miss, would you like some fresh asscrack sprinkled on your salad?

I guess things really do happen in threes.  B/c while I’m usually way too slow to get the shot or the BB camera’s too inferior to make it a clear one, I got two more asscrack shots this week.  It was literally raining asscrack !!!

Pants on the Ground - Israeli Chick Edition. Maybe she had no pockets and need a conveniently reachable place to put her cell phone? If so, at least put it on vibrate...

Kids - you sit still and be quiet, or we will turn this asscrack around and go home right now !!!


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yes! you’re absolutely correct about the proliferation of asscrack in this country! my little 23 year old sister in law says she doesn’t feel comfortable with pants pulled up high enough to cover the crack. we tease her about it all the time and sometimes when the older relatives are at the house they just look at it in dismay. very funny.

as i’m riding my bike around the moshav and my own crack starts to hang out, i think i’ve gotten a bit more comfortable about it – lol! since i know it’s more accepted here.

my husband knows a big, beefy guy who’s poor crack is always hanging out. especially when he’s on a horse! I’ve heard Guy referring to him as ‘the plumber’ and was sure this was b/c of the asscrack… but, no, the guy is actually a plumber. who knew!

happy saturday to you!

Comment by blanche and guy

Call me a prude, but I just can’t get used to butt cleavage, LOL. Happy Shabbat, too !!!

Comment by skatp

You know, Lindsay Lohan was on SNL a few years back and they made a “commercial” for some lotion for your “coin slot”. You need to get your quarters out Scott, or I guess it would be sheckels!!!

Comment by Ell


Comment by skatp

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