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In March 2009, I moved to Israel (“made Aliyah”) after living in New York City the last 17 years.  This blog tells my stories as I adjust to living in a new country.

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Wow babe! this is huge! i wondered where you were in march! i have just got bakc from 2 weeks in Boca Raton (another mecca for jews!) opening a restaurant there. Are you coming back? Is that a US only number? Hope you are well- a mature student now…guzziah guzzein or whatever they say… love jay

Comment by jay kapica

OMG – best surprise ever, Jay. I could totally call you right now, but I should be winding down for sleep. Maybe I’ll call after watching American Idol on my PC in a little bit. Did I say OMG, Best Surprise Ever yet? You can call the 415 number as if I were in CA, but it rings here on my laptop in Tel Aviv. It’s pretty precious.

I love you and can’t wait to catch up.


Comment by skatp

Hey honey!
All I see is our 2 notes when I come on here..Is there a blog by you about what you are doing there? Will you be back?
I guess you are allowed to emigrate there so maybe you are there permanently?
Sorry if I could be reading this somewhere on here!

Me these days- bored, working maybe 2 days a week, broke of course but bills are paid for the most part. No trips for me unless an influx of $$ comes in. Being summer here after what was a non-season here is not too promising…I may be helping a friend with her pizza shop which is aa 30 second walk ffrom my house, it’s kind of like do whatever you can here or nothing!
So I am not career-excited right now.
THe 2 boy cats are perfect and love each other, maybe I can send a video to you on the 415 number? they are precious together.

I think of a hot gay documentary called “The Garden”, set in Tel Aviv, around a couple of gay boy prostitutes and one was Arab and was there illegally, etc. It was good, the men were handsome!!! BTW, your pic on here (looking all pensive) is gorgeous!!! You are handsome!

So I was called off from work tonight due to lack of business, I will meet my mom for happy hour a little later..just killin time.

My garden is doing really well, just had 2m sunflowers for awhile, now bananas and herbs, all packed in a small space, a tropical jungle. I will put some pix on facebook or even email you. What is you email now? Can I post pix on here for you to see?

I am sure the weather is perfect mediterrranean weather huh? really France, the mediterranean has a gold fleck sparkle to it, from minerals flowing down the mountains…The food has to be awesome too..stay safe and enjoy your adventure!!

Stay in touch.

Love Jay

Comment by jay kapica

Sorry, Bubser – just seeing this note now. start fresh and type and you will see the whole blog.

Dont’ want to post email on here, b/c anyone could see it. But email me on Facebook and I’ll give it to you there. Actually, FB is a good way to reach me, since I check it more regularly than email.

You can upload the vid to your Facebook page, or just email it to me when I give ya my addy.

Yeah, here to stay. Or, at least for a few years.

on the blog, put “so i made aliyah” into the search box. it explains everything.


Comment by skatp

Hey Scott, I came across your blog after doing a search for “gay,” “Zionist,” and “Aliyah.” The web being what it is, even i expected lots of hits but, instead, I got almost zip. Happily your blog did pop up!
Great to read about your experiences. Your making Aliyah is something I’ve truly always dreamed of doing. And I’m a real alte-kacker at 53! And I did do a summer in Israel as a teen and loved Hebrew school.
Anyway, b’hatatz’l-cha to you and I look forward to reading more.

Comment by Rick Gorelnik

Rick – thanks so much for commenting! After a year and a half of keeping up the blog, I’m kind of staring to let it go. Too busy at the moment. I have lot’s more to say, but swamped this second. I know peeps older than both of us who made aliyah – 60yos! Stay in touch.

Comment by skatp

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