Gefilte Fish Out of Water

(As Charlie Brown said,) “I got a rock.” :-(
April 2, 2009, 8:08 pm
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wordpressWhen I started this blog, I didn’t know which blogging platform to choose.  There are three main ones: Blogger (I think it’s the most popular – by far?), WordPress and Typepad.  I didn’t know which one to pick; I was anxious just to start blogging.  But even though Blogger is the leading blogging platform, I had a sense that the look & feel of their blogs I’d seen seemed rinky-dink and cheap.  That left two – WordPress or Typepad?  I think it was probably brand recognition that got me – somebody’s marketing dollars at work.  For some subconscious reason, I just thought WordPress seemed more smart and hipsterish and authentic.  I didn’t even visit Typepad’s page.

And all has been well.  I am really liking this blogging shit, and I hope you are, too.  But then last night when I was Googling “Israeli pizza” for an image to use w/ the previous post, I ran across this guy’s blog.  I haven’t spent as much time on it yet as I’m going to, but it’s a fascinating read.  He’s an American/Israeli serving in the IDF.  His name is Danny, and – well, if you check it out, you will see what a badass guy he is.  But I digress.  My first impression at landing on his blog was: I liked how it is wider than mine, I like how he has all those ” buttons” (add to MyGoogle, add to myYahoo, Technorati, Have New Posts Sent to Your Email: Subscribe:Feedburner) in the blogger1right-hand column.  Plus he has advertisements from Google AdSense on his blog.  Hey, I want ads on my blog, too!  I want to get rich from doing this and eat (diet) bonbons all day and have Nora Ephron write the movie.

So I went into upgrade mode.  I signed up for Google AdSense, and I went about trying to type the code to put all the cool “buttons” on my site, too, and allow people to sign up for email notification when I do new posts like the cool soldier does on his blog.  ….and I had difficulty.  Basically what I learned is that while Blogger and Typepad allow you to go nuts with copy/pasting all sorts of HTML code into your blog pages (so that the fancy-schmancy buttons show up, or so that you can bring advertisements to your blog), WordPress does not.  It’s all in this thread if you’re really interested.

I’m over it now, but when I read that thread and learned what’s what, I was really bummed that I picked WordPress.  I wanted to do a cool side column of albums I like, like my friend Pat did on his Typepad blog.  And look at the cool “About Me” pic he has at the top or the “about me” blurb the Israeli soldier has on his.  Anyway, this is starting to turn into a boring post I feel, so I’ll wrap it up.

typepad-logo-150x119Wait, one more thing.  I did change my blog’s “theme” for a while last night.  It looked pretty cool, and I even put a poll on there, so you guys could vote if you liked the new look or not.   But I had such a hard time getting my custom header (me/nyc/gefilte fish/israel flag) to work in the new “theme” (it kept being all low-res & shiz), that I undid it, even after my friend Special K came to my rescue with a re-pixilized/formatted & photoshopped custom header for me that would fit the new theme.


Whew!  Anyway, I did what I could – got a few buttons and RSS reader icon thingies on there, so it does look a little more “real” now.  I think maybe this post was about me wanting what I want when I went it, and how acceptance is the answer when it doesn’t always work out the way you want it to.


Yesterday I boiled my laundry.
March 21, 2009, 6:39 pm
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So yesterday I did two loads of laundry.  This wasn’t my first time doing laundry here; I did a load about two weeks ago.  But it was the first time I did whites.  Now, I am no Martha Stewart.  But I know: darks in cold, whites in hot.  So, I turned the temp dial to the max and did the load.

Can you read the number on the dial?  90.  Celsius.  That’s hotter than boiling.  It’s a setting used only to clean diapers.  (I know this NOW; I didn’t then).  So, basically, I washed my clothes in hotter-than-boiling water.  I had some socks with a red stripe on them, and even though they’ve been washed before – not at that temp!  The sock’s color bled, and now all my underwear turned pink.  Apparently I wasn’t gay enough yet.