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May 22, 2010, 11:07 am
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Part of the master plan for my new apartment is to have a loft bed in the main room.  You see, while it’s a big apartment – with two porches and a separate kitchen – much of the living will still be done in one room, which has to do double-duty as both bedroom and living room.  

Bestie Anna nailed it when she said I needed a loft bed – “to take the bed out of the equation” when you have guests over.  (So no one’s uncomfortable asking if it’s alright to sit on it, etc.)  

So my friend Ariel swooped in and totally dealt w/ all the Hebronics with this metalworker guy whose shop is across the street from his recording studio.  Things took a little longer than I wanted to get set up, but that was primarily b/c I was temporarily chanllenged in the bank account department.  (Ah, the joys of freelancing.)  

With that all straightened out, it came time to put the bed up.  And I must say – what a great job they did!  (Except for that part where I turned around for one second and they were drilling holes through the wrong wall!  No probs – I did butch drag and plastered that later all by myself!)  

It’s not finished yet.  The frame was supposed to be made larger than my mattress, so I’d have space to put a lamp, alarmclock condoms, etc. up there.  So, Ariel said he’s going to arrange for them to cut and weld a square “night table” shelf to the right side by the head of the bed.  Similarly, since the ladder rungs are narrow and hurt my feetsies when I walk up/down it, I want a little “shoe bin” sodered to the top, so I can walk up wearing flip-flops and put them in there when I reach the top.   

Here’s some shots of the guys working.  


The other guy (not to be outdone)



Pete did NOT like it when I climbed up there for the first time.  Barked, he did.  Here’s his view as I climbed down the first morning after sleeping in it.  (Note his evil eyes, as he plots his revenge.  Think I’m kidding?)  


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