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Petey’s Bad Week
May 8, 2010, 12:01 pm
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This was a few weeks ago, and I really don’t feel like going into the whole story, but I brought it up, so I guess I have to.  #Fail   

Pete and I were walking in Park Hayarkon; not even the dog park, but the regular park.  Powerwalking in fact, as I was fighting my downward spiral into fat-assdom.  When all of a sudden, this enormous, unleashed German Shephard attacks Pete!  His owner was standing to the side, kibbitzing w/ some other people, and the dog just lunged from out of nowhere and chomped his jaw closed around Petey’s face.    


Poor Petey screamed super intensely!  But one leash-pull from me freed him from the Shep’s clutches, and we continued on our walk.  The whole thing didn’t last more than two seconds.  Except when I took a few steps and noticed something wrong w/ the side of Pete’s gums.  I touched it, and – HORRORS !! – he was bleeding.   

I turned right around, held my hand out all dramatically so they could see the blood on it, and said My dog’s bleeding.  The owner was a 60-ish, thin man, who was pretty reticent and unforthcoming about the whole thing.  The only thing he said was I don’t know what he [meaning Pete] did to aggrivate him [meaning Cujo]As if !!!   Um, maybe *breathing*, you dipshit !?  Walking !?  Petey did nothing to aggrivate his monster, we were simply mall-walking like goobers when his menace lunged on us.  Fool!   


Anyway, I wish I handled the next part differently.  The criminal owner had an adult daughter w/ him.  I said to them Has he ever done this before?  She answered No!  I said Well, is he fully vaccinated?  She said, Oh, yes.  Then, I just gave her the stink eye and left.  My BlackBerry was rebooting at that very moment, or maybe I would have thought to take a picture of them or Petey.  Plus, I should have asked for their names and phone numbers, and I wish I had something like Your dog attacked us unprovoked, and now I have to treat my dog and get him medical care, and you’re going to pay for it.  But I didn’t.   

Anyway, we finished our walk, and then I photographed Pete and put the story out immediately on Facebook.  My friend Maya told me where the 24-hour veterinary hospital was, but my friend Danny said we could wait until tomorrow.  I put triple-antibiotic ointment on Petey’s three wounds, but he tried to scratch band-aids off, so I didn’t use them.  He wasn’t bleeding anymore, but as you can see the skin was definitely torn in two places, and open in a third.  Danny said he might need to get his skin stapled.  And my mom said Petey should definitely be put on a course of antibiotics.   

We went to our vet, and he did in fact put Pete on a course of antibiotics.  190 shekels !!!  Prick (the owner of the Shephard).  In a possible lucky break, my friend Danny thinks the A-Hole owner might be his neighbor, and he watched his neighbor’s shephard attack another dog.  So, as much as I don’t feel like turning up the heat and expending the energy to insist this turd fool reimburse me for Pete’s treatment, if it turns out to be the guy, I will probably do this.  Not so much for the money, but b/c if this guys’ dog is going around biting other people’s dogs, he has to be told that his dog is a problem and needs to stay at home or be muzzled if he goes out.   

Anyway, that was only Part of Petey’s bad week.  He was also on a chewing frenzy.  Now, we never really had this problem when he was younger.  If you’re a regular G-Fish reader, you know that he had his potty training issues, but he was not a furniture destroyer.  Until recently anyway.  My mom thinks it’s b/c I’ve been incredibly stressed out the last few weeks, with major changes of housing and employment coming simultaneously.  She thinks Pete had defintely picked up on that and was acting out as a result.  (She could be right, he’s kind of stopped now that we’re more settled in our new place.)  Some things Pete destroyed or effed up:   

My bluetooth headset. (Thanks, Anna, for bringing back a new one from the States!)


The punk loves to go through the trash can and bring trash back to his crate to munch on.


Knocked my coffee cup over onto carpet


On the lighter side, we did go to the dog beach a few weeks ago, and here’s a vid I took of The Petester chasing a doppleganger doggie down the beach.  I’m glad he’s behaving better lately.   

Also, here’s how his wounds have healed:   



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