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Painting Party
May 8, 2010, 10:53 am
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Sometimes I stupidly forget how good God is to me.  It’s not enough that I’m blessed w/ the best friends a Scotty could have in America (Eyes, Al, Aim, JR, Tony, Park, Sheila, Karin, Chip, Ell, Babs, Lys, Marko, Justin, Jeffrey G aned many, many more) – but now I can add some of the best people in Israel to my friend list (and not just on Facebook, I mean): Anna, Eric, Leah, Jeremy, Rebecca, Danny, Ariel, Felicia, Nir, Debra, Russell, Liron, Abi, June, and many, many more).

Jeremy, Eric, Rebecca and Leah made moving in so much easier when they came overa few weeks ago and helped me paint three accent walls in my apartment.  I had loaded up on supplies at ACE Hardware and we got together (on Shabbat !!) and had ourselves a big ole’ Painting Partay!

I took the boys out to breakfast first, and then we got started on a big wall in the bedroom/living room, painting it chocolate brown.  Leah joined us, and boy am I glad she felt really strongly we do a wall in the hallway the same color.  Then, we did a wall in the kitchen baby blue.  (Actually, when I was deciding among the final custom color choices w/ the paint mixer at ACE, the final deciding factor was the names of the colors.  “Expresso Brown” (since I have a client that sells coffee) and “Little Girl Blue,” b/c – well, everyone should have at least one wall painted in that color.

We did the first wall, then broke for lunch.  Rebecca joined us, then we returned to bang out the next two walls.  Here’s some pics and one video from the day.

Thanks, Besties !!!  I love you.


Eric getting started on the big, first wall.

Leah, Jeremy & Eric - making progress on same wall

Me, attempting Butch...

...And failing miserably!

Leah and the boys at work on the 2nd wall

A Class Act in front of their Masterpiece

Rebecca & Jeremy crack up about him giving her a ride in his new wagon bike-attachment

And b/c you were so good, here’s a little bonus vid of Jeremy pulling Becks (daringly shot by me as I rode parallel to them on my own bicycle).


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