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Let’s Go Camping!
March 13, 2010, 1:24 pm
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Forgive me, Father, it’s been two weeks since my last post.

Two Fridays ago, I was slammed w/ mid-ramp up of  a PR campaign for a new client.  And last Friday, I went…..camPingYoda Jeremy and Samadar get married in ten days, so we did a weekend camping/hiking trip as a Bachelor Party weekend, minus the strippers and cocaine.

Kudos to Vice President of the Becker-Barkins Eric for putting the whole thing together.

We were a group of four: Jeremy, Eric, Itay and me.  We met in the morning, packed up, and then made a pit-stop on the highway to get some grub and plan the drive up.

Our second stop was in the town of Tiberias, where we ate lunch on a deck overlooking the Kinneret, a freshwater lake in the North and Israel’s most important water resource.  We enjoyed an awesome lunch at a restaurant called Decks.

When we got to our first choice campsite, Yehudiya Forest Nature Reserve, we found out that the trails were already closed, even though it was only 1:00 p.m.  Thanks, Shabbat!

We could have still camped there, but we wanted to get a hike in first, so we went to another campsite – the Jordan River Peace Park.  You know what?  The parks were kind of self-segregated – this one had many more Arabs, and maybe that’s also why it wasn’t closed early for Shabbat?

We did our first “hike.”  The quotation marks are there, because although we chose a medium, 45-minute trail, we kept losing it and wound up basically walking in a circle that had some nice views, but was over before we knew it and not very challenging.  So, we broke out some beers (except me, who doesn’t drink) and talked about girls (except me, who’s gay).

Then we set up camp…next to the parking lot and bathrooms (and later we found out, in the direct aim of a stadium-sized klieg light).  We gathered firewood and Eric did his magic grilling us wings and hot dogs.

Itay had to go back to Tel Aviv, but Eric, Jeremy and I delighted in tripping out on our campfire, leading me to proclaim:


which I promptly tweeted.

Then our campfire converted to Judaism:

I got a headache from all the smoke, I think, so I went to bed early until I was awoken the next morning by Eric’s elephant cry-like snoring.

We headed back to Yehudiya and did our real hike.  More challenging – and more beautiful!

Lunched again in Tiberias on the way back.  Great time !!!   Northern Israel is really so pretty – much more green and hilly than the Center or South.  Hopefully, we’ll go camping again soon.

Here’s some video of our fire (which had temporarily gone out), coming back to life after we put new kindling and leaves on top of it.  (Sorry, it’s sideways).


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