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Honey, I’m Home!
March 13, 2010, 2:05 pm
Filed under: Petey

Petey made the jump from having free-reign overnight to having the complete run of the apartment when I’m away – in no time at all.

Really!  I can leave him loose and be away from the apartment for 3-4-5 hours at a time, and when I come home, he’s not had any accidents in the house or chewed anything up.  It’s amazing.

The best part?  Being greeted by him full-body wagging by the front door as I come inside !!!   (though most times he’s still just chillin’ in his crate, despite all his new freedom).

Here’s some bonus video of him going ape-shit on a squeak toy, which he’ll randomly do if it’s been raining and we haven’t gone to the dog park for exercise in a few days.  [if you get bored, jump ahead to the 1:15 mark for the best part]


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Scott, Petie is just like you!! He amuses himself!!

Comment by Frank Piiro

Thanks, Dad. Sorry I didn’t Skype yesterday. Should we plan one for next Saturday?

Comment by skatp

or, can you do one later today (maybe 3 hrs from now).

Comment by skatp

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