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Workin in a Coal Mine
February 27, 2010, 7:30 pm
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Hey, Guys – gonna bang out a few posts now, but they’ll probably be short ones.  I’ve had a great Shabbat, just sleeping the day away, and catching up on American Idol w/Petey. 

I soooo needed it, b/c I think I had the hardest working week of my life.  My ex-boyfriend     soon-to-be-ex-landlord     nemesis     dementor    soon-to-be-former-boss left for a month-long business trip on Thursday, and before he did I put together a huge, 400-piece outreach mailing, continuing a year-long project of introducing our NGO to various groups and agencies we feel are likely to support us (schools, law schools, NGOs, Fortune 500 diversity groups, LGBT community centers, more).  Each group got a different letter and press clip, so it wasn’t just the volume, it was the number of different moving parts to keep straight.

Another client is approaching venture capitalists next month to raise a new round of capital, and they are looking for media hits ASAP to be able to show potential investors.  So, in less than a week, I wrote multiple drafts of:

  • Two press releases
  • Three corporate bios
  • A “Q&A” press kit piece
  • 5 core messages (key internal document)
  • “At-A-Glance” (fact-sheet; another key press kit component)
  • boilerplate paragraph (to be included below all press releases)
  • ALSO:
    • creating multiple, targeted media lists across all mediums
    • drafting blueprint for online press room

That’s a lot of writing!  We will reuse and repurpose a lot of these documents for a long time.  But the ramp-up and creation of these key materials is time and labor intensive.  It requires not only brilliant writing, but a lot of thought as you try and crystallize and articulate the company’s story.  (Now, I have two days to put together a core “A” and “B” list of our top target bloggers to give a preview to in order to convert their attention into the media coverage we are seeking.  My work has been outstanding so far, and my strategy is solid.  But it was some days of writing for 11 hours straight, and I had to be at the top of my game.  The entire program is coming from my head only – it will succeed or fail as a result of my efforts alone.  There were times when I had finished a lot of writing for one day, but because there was so much more to do and such a hard deadline, I had to just take a break and walk the dog, then make some more coffee and get right back to it.

I also had my first work-session for a limited social media campaign I’m putting together for my newest client.  I worked on site, so the client could have input and feel that I’ve got their concepts down enough to turn me loose and have do the implementation work on my own after that.  It’s a really fun client, but again – the ramp-up phase of working with a new client is always the most labor and time intensive.

I’m proud of myself for staying focused and not quitting before the job was done.  I had to be very self-disciplined, b/c there’s no one but me in my apartment lighting this fire under me (that needs to be there).  Of course I want to remain humble and give props to God, not think I do any of this alone, etc. – but I definitely do my part, and I really “showed up for myself” and worked hard this week.  In fact, I’m not exaggerating one iota when I say I worked the hardest this week than I ever have before in my whole life.  What a wonderful feeling to know that I certainly haven’t peaked yet!


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