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Free Reign
February 27, 2010, 7:43 pm
Filed under: Petey

I meant to include this post in my batch from last week, so this news is a week old, sorry.  It’s simply that I am not locking Petey into his crate anymore at night.  He still sleeps in there (b/c he likes it and that’s where his bed is), but the door is ajar, and if he wants to he can come out stretch his legs, do whatever.

I also tested some more waters and let him have free reign in the apartment twice when I dashed out to the grocery store for one or two items.  They were just 10-minute intervals, but he didn’t destroy any furniture or shoes or anything. 

You gotta start somewhere, and this is my way of working up to letting him have complete free reign when he is home alone in the apartment. 

The above video is unrelated, but it’s just a minute-clip I took of him working to get treats out of a toy I stuffed them into.  It’s a toy called a Kong that’s exactly for this purpose – to make it into a game for him to get out the treats and give him something fun to do when he’s alone or I need to be undisturbed or whatevs.  Only dog-lovers will probably enjoy it.


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