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Who’s training who?
February 20, 2010, 5:45 pm
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He’s an odd one!  From the pee-issues, to refusing to walk, Pete’s universally acclaimed adorableness is inversely proportional to some real high maintenance behavior.

The latest?  He won’t walk with me down the stairs.  I have to walk to the next landing without him, then sit down and he comes running to me.  Then, little bugger refuses to walk again, and so I walk to the next landing and sit, he comes running, and we stop-and-go like this all the way down.  The Becker-Barkins witnessed this one morning after a walk in Park Hayarkon, and that saucy Anna wastes no time in saying, Petey’s really got you trained, huh?

She’s right.  And it was getting worse!  Sitting wasn’t always working, so I was starting to have to lay down on the landing (!!!).  Finally, I drew the line.  When he refused to walk w/ me down, I just held his collar and dragged him.  After resisting 1-2 steps, he gave me no problems and just walked with me (but still put up the same shiz after the next landing. Freak.)

My friend Oren said, Why aren’t you just leashing him up inside the apartment and showing him who’s in control as soon as you start walking down? B/c Pete’s had such pee issues on the stares, trust me, it’s been a long bumpy path just to get us to this point.  But, Oren’s right, plus Pete hasn’t had a pee/stairs issue in a week while, so I tried the leash today going down.



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He’s just testing the boundaries of your relationship. Think of this as training for your next relationship:)

Comment by Dimas

I do have a feeling that that’s what’s coming down the pike for me next…

Thx, Deem.

Comment by skatp

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