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Give him away?
February 13, 2010, 4:39 pm
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It’s been well-documented here, Petey’s missteps with potty training.  He knows right from wrong, and is 100% poopie house trained and 85% pee pee house trained…but a few times a week he would have his first kind of accident:

  • The “overexcited” – where he either pees going down the stairs (sometimes trickly, sometimes almost full-on), or starts to pee in the lobby before I can get the door open so he can go outside.

Less frequently, but even more worrisome was his 2nd type of pee accident:

  • The “bed wetter” – kinda self-explanatory, idn’t it?  Pete would be exhausted from having run and played  for an hour in the dog park, and then I go by him later on and notice his bed is completely soaked in pee, and he’s just laying in it.  Very unusual behavior for a dog to pee his bed and remain laying in it; they will generally not do this b/c they are not supposed to like having to sit in their own pee (or poop).  Not to mention, this was a huge mystery to me…it had only been an hour since he was last out, he didn’t cry or ask to be let out, etc.

I’m not happy to report, he has developed a 3rd kind of accident.  I had happened twice a few weeks ago, but I was hoping they were isolated incidents, and I was hesitant to define it as a 3rd type.

  • The “let it fly right at Daddy’s feet” – I’ll be at the computer, typing or maybe on a Skype call, and Pete will come over and try to come up in my lap, or maybe sit underneath my feet.

This is normal, and he does this all the time.  Depending on how nice I’m dressed, whether or not I’m going out later or in for the night, or how intensely I’m working, I sometimes bring him right up on my lap and let him sit there while I work (although he is getting a bit big for it now – *sniff!*)  The WTF aspect of this accident, is I’ll get up eventually to take him out or get a glass of water or whatever, and I’ll realize there’s a big pee puddle right at my feet!  Or – this week, I watched him pee right in front of me, next to the chair (while I was on a conference call for work, natch).


At one point, after I had yelled at him, I was looking eye-to-eye at him in his crate, and I said to him out loud, Maybe I’ll have to get rid of you, Pete. [repeated this a few times]  …Yeah, maybe I’ll just have to get rid of you.  I can’t have you just peeing inside the house whenever you feel like it.  It sets my temper off, and it’s just unacceptable – especially after all the training we’ve done, and all the love and attention I give you, and I feed you well, and take you to the dog park, and play with you, and tell you I love you.  But I just can’t have this, Pete.  We might just have to get rid of you.

Now, I’m not Crazy Cat Lady, people.  I know Pete can’t understand me when I talk to him.  And I don’t know that I would really get rid of him either.  But I can tell you that I wasn’t bullshitting when I said this to him.  I think – as a means of letting go of my frustration with him and all the anger – I had to have a very real fantasy about this and really feel the feelings about being serious enough to give him away.  I had to sort of experience this in my imagination in order to let it go.

Anyway, Jeremy Yoda was kind of shocked to hear me say that I was considering giving him away.  But it’s so disappointing and frustrating, Jeremy. And then I whined about how well I take care of Pete, and the bewilderment over there being no good explanation for why his pee accidents persist.  J put his thinking cap on over the phone, and we carefully examined all the circumstances surrounding his accidents.

And, goddamn if we didn’t come up with something:  All of Pete’s accidents occur at the same time – in the afternoon, after he’s been at the dog park.  Where, he runs around and drinks a ton of water, then he comes home and drinks a ton more water and then goes to sleep. Basically, even though it’s only been an hour and my boy can hold it much longer than that, the combo of massive thirst quenching followed by waking up from a nap = my boy’s bladder is bursting and he cannot hold it.  Plus, Yoda Jeremy said, it’s probably a combination of Pete needing to get better at communicating that he needs to go out (apparently, they can be taught to bark when they need to go out) and you needing to pay more attention to him while you’re working and determining if he’s behaving like he could go out.

Our solution?  Pete needs to go out one hour after coming back from the dog park.  Even if he is still sleeping, I need to wake him up and take him out.  One week into this new strategy, he has not had a single accident….

…until this morning, when he had “the overexcited” and peed right by the building door this morning on our way out for the day’s first walk.  I’m gonna chalk that one up to the fact that his last walk the day before was at midnight, and b/c it was Shabbat this morning, I got up later than usual….so my sleeping late was a contributing factor, and Pete was forced to hold it too long.

Basically, I feel a lot better since Jeremy and I figured out the commonality behind most of his accidents and – this morning’s notwithstanding – he has not been having them since we put into place our new plan.

Cannot wait until he outgrows all this and it’s a thing of the past.

Oh, the afghan pic from above?  That’s a homemade knitted afghan my Dad’s wife Brenda made for me.  It come in especially handy in Israel, where our un-weatherproofed, tiled floored, concrete walled apartments get butt freezing inside in the winter time, despite it not being all that cold outside.  After an early morning walk two weeks ago, I went back to bed, but didn’t lock Pete up, b/c his bladder/bowels were empty, so there was no need to.

Awww, isn’t that cute, he’s sleeping by the foot of my bed while I sleep, I thought as I half-consciously heard his collar tag jangling down there.  It was only later when I realized – Nope, Petey had realized how fun it was to pull apart the crochet of the afghan – Whee! Dang.  Eh, no problem.  I’m having my tailor Alona repair it for me.  I’m not taking it to a specialist, who can fix it as good as new; I don’t care if it’s an obvious patch; it’ll just be a reminder/tribute to Pete’s puppydom.  But I do want it fixed, b/c I like it and it’s very useful right now; I can’t allow it to continue to unravel.


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Get some bells and hang them on your door. It is very easy t tach a dog to ring them when he wants to go out! There is a company Check it out

Comment by Betsy

I’m into it – OK, thanks, Betz! Meanwhile, at first I thought you were chewing me out, saying, “Get some balls and….” LOL

Comment by skatp

I was going to suggest the same thing- bells on the door. One of my roommates had a hyper-active dog who would have peed everywhere were it not for the bells. Rosie quickly picked it up, too, and would ring the bells when she needed to go out very badly.

Comment by Stephanye

Thx, Steph – got so much going on, I’d already forgotten Betsy’s suggestion! Can I get ’em at pet stores here, d’ya think?

Comment by skatp

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