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Getting Driver’s License – Parts 7 & 8 – Victory !!!
February 13, 2010, 2:56 pm
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When we last left off in the getting-your-Israeli-driver’s-license nightmare saga, I had taken & passed my driver’s test (yay!), but arrived too late the next day to pick up my temporary license (boo).

I did go back the next morning like I planned, but – not sure how this happened again – the morning really got away from me again, and I’d be cutting it close if I left at 11:30 a.m. (the joint closes @ 12:30 p.m.).  Still, even with a local bus route to Holon, I should barely have enough time to get inside the door by 12:30 p.m., so I said my prayers and headed for the bus stop.

The good news was: I did in fact make it – with about 5 minutes to spare (I watched them lock the door from the inside at 12:30 p.m.)  Phew!  The bad news? I didn’t realize I had to wait in the main line for all the windows.  I took a number (#418), and they were only on #384.  Crap, this could be a really long wait, I thought.

You see, my driving instructor, Elie, told me I would go to the Oleh Chadash (new immigrant) office in the Ministry of Licensing to pick up the temporary license.  Turns out, there ain’t no “Oleh Chadash office.”  #FAIL  I called Yoda Jeremy to see how he handled this part, and the told me his instructor received the temp license for him, and all he had to do was meet up w/ the instructor to get it (w/ no wait).  I called Elie back.  He was useless; sweet…but useless.

Where was I?  Oh yeah,…crap.  I still had social media work a.m. work to do and aim for a dog park trip w/ Petey before my main job started at 2pm.  Wasn’t looking good, but I guess the bright side was: the next, right action was pretty simple – WAIT.

Luckily, the line actually did move quickly.  I got up to the window and mangled a request in Hebrew before switching into English.  Uh-oh, the woman behind the counter is like, You’re supposed to get that from your instructor. He’s supposed to have it.


I was  like, No !!! (to myself), but then she’s like, You want me to print another copy? and she presses one button, and out comes my temp license.

🙂  🙂  🙂

Almost there, Scotty….almost there….

The next day I went to my local post office.  In Israel, the post office is more than just for mailing stuff and receiving packages.  It’s like a point-of-entry place into the beaurocracy for the public.  Like, I registered for my government health insurance at the post office (doesn’t everybody?).

So, I paid the clerk 406 shekels ($110), and she ran my temp license through a scanner.  This puts my license into the system and alerts the government that they need to mail me my permanent license.  I’m supposed to have it in “two weeks” (which is one week from now), so let’s see.

Meanwhile, Jeremy only had to pay 398 shekels – WTF, is that b/c he’s Canadian ???   Who cares –

I’m finished – I completed all the steps, am still standing, and can expect my effin’ Israeli driver’s license in one more week.


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