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Feelin’ LOST
February 6, 2010, 9:30 pm
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I am pretty much set when it comes to getting my American pop culture fix over here in Israel.  iTunes and Limewire cover my music needs and TV Shack hooks me up TV & movie-wise. 

Then, there’s LOST.  If you’re a fan, you know what I’m talkin bout.  If you’re not, well then I’m not gonna try an esplain.  All you really need to know for this post is that I didn’t want to wait the day or two for it to appear on TV Shack.  I needed it sooner.  So, I broke out the Big Guns, the Slingbox

This is an amazing technology my friend hooked me up with.  Basically my computer is hooked up to a separate Time Warner cablebox in New York City he has set up just for his friends living abroad.  When I connect, I can literally control an actual Time Warner cable box (with TiVO !) and watch LIVE TV as if I were in the United States. 

Most of the time I don’t bother with it.  I can get what I need with less fuss using TV Shack.  But, you know, LOST is different.  So, I TiVO’d the 2-hour final season premiere and delighted in some kick-ass, bionic storytelling.

And because there’s no remote control from my lounge chair, I watched the commercials – in English (of course).  And the local news promos.  OMG – there’s Liz Cho!  And (cutie-patootie) Lee Goldberg!  I got to watch them warn me like 20 time that a snowstorm was going to ‘foil my morning commute.’  Plus, the promos for ABC’s other network shows that were coming back from winter hiatuses – Flash Forward, V, and the like.

Here’s the thing, why this was significant.  In some ways, I am kept very up-to-date on what’s going on, what’s hot, in America. gives me my news.  Perez, my gossip.  Mashable, my tech & social media news.  And I can watch new episodes of LOST, Project Runway, glee, 24 and other series.  But I watch them without commercials.  And it turns out – I miss Liz Cho and my rightful husband Lee Goldberg!  Seeing my local news team talk about the local stories as if I were still a New Yorker…and watching advertisements in English (instead of rapid-fire, smarmy, salespitchy Hebrew ads, like I hear sometimes on the radio), and seeing the promos for those shows, as if I were still in the U.S. – wowza!, I really saw home in a different way, through this media slice I’ve been missin.

Conversely, you know – it made me realize how much Israeli media I don’t experience over here.  It’s embarrasing, but if you ask me about domestic Israeli politics, I really don’t know how to answer.  I still read the New York Times; I only know of Israeli news when a headline gets big enough so that that the Times is reporting it.  And I don’t have a TV here.  Cable is expensive, and why pay for it, when I watch so little TV to begin with, and I can use my much cheaper Internet to get everything I might need?  But as a result, I watch no local Israeli TV news (which could really help with my Hebrew language skills) or Israeli pop culture and TV series.  It’s kind of really keeping me apart from my new culture, you know?

All that, I got from viewin’ my LOST on the ‘Sling, huh?


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I miss ABC now…channel 7– “seven minutes…seven minutes…” Oh, man, I can’t wait to get back to NY just to see American TV like that!

Comment by Lauren

Hands off Goldberg, though.

Comment by skatp

Slingbox. I know that technology well. Now I have to get my networking skills going. 🙂

My wife and I had to figure out the Goldberg reference. But now we get it. Nice eyes (nice teeth! Wow. How Doctor Who was that?).

I also missed on Cho. I was thinking Margaret Cho. The mistake was pretty obvious (no offense, Margaret…)

But we’re from below D.C. At least that excuse will work for a little bit longer!

So how hard is it to get to BBC?

Comment by Yehonatan

It would be a cinch to get BBC America off the Time Warner cable package accessible by the slingbox. If you keep a DC cable box set up for you at a friend’s or family member’s, chances are their lineup will include BBC America, and you can access it from the sling that way.

Never saw Doctor Who.

Comment by skatp

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