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Getting Driver’s License – Part 4.5
January 30, 2010, 4:20 pm
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After working so hard to get my green form, I was a little nervous about leaving it behind with the woman behind the counter, who told me I had to have a doctor sign-off that the medications I take don’t make me a menace behind the wheel.   She said I’d get a call to come pick it up in a week, but T.I.I. (This is Israel, meaning anything can happen here), and there was no phone number for this one window that handles driver’s licenses at the Ministry of Licensing, and even if there were – the voicemail system would all be in Hebrew, and well….you can see why I was reluctant to fork it over.

But I did, and yay – I got a call this week that the form was ready for me to come pick up.  So, I did, and then I called Avi, the driving instructor I met last time at the Ministry with Jeremy.  He met me in the parking lot and took my green form and told me he’d schedule my lesson and road test.  It was funny, he actually showed up as the passenger in his own car, while another student was having a lesson with him, and told me to get in.  So, there I am talking with Avi while some other guy is practicing his driving.  And then before they drop me off at the bus stop for me to go back to Tel Aviv, I think to say to Avi, “This is for an automatic [transmission], right?”  Avi’s like Automatic?  No, my car is stick shift.  You need automatic? No big deal, he told me he’d give my form to another instructor, Elie, who has an automatic car and would call me with news of my appointment time for my lesson and road test.

Same deal, re: worrying about leaving my green form “in the cloud.”  But I did, and Eli called this week, too.

Wednesday, I take my driving test to get my Israeli license!


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