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Urinary Tract Infection ?
January 16, 2010, 5:41 pm
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I’ve written about how something is up with Petey and his house training.  It’s very peculiar.  My boy knows by now that peeing inside is bad and outside is good.  If he has an accident inside, he feels shame or runs away.  Yet it’s happening more and more lately.  And always the same kind – right as I’m leashing him up inside his crate to take him out, he resists; doesn’t want to leave the crate.  Then, he’ll either tinkle a little bit right outside the crate, or going down the stairs he will begin sprinkling little bits of pee.  I’m having to go with paper towels and cleaner down the stairs afterwards and constantly clean up after him.  A totes drag.

Anyway, after I posted about this, my mom, my dad, and a G-Fish reader I’ve never met in person all commented that this could be a bladder or urinary tract infection.  [Woah! This just in: I just read the page that link goes to and yep – Petey definitely must have this; I would guess a lower urinary tract infection.] So, thanks, Internet!  I followed their instructions and got a urine sample today, which I will bring to the Vet tomorrow.  Although today in the dog park, my friend Gilat said the Vet might need a fresh sample, so I guess I’ll get another one tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, the sample is just sitting in my fridge.  (I had it out, but Anna said to refrigerate it; she reads a lot of books.)


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how was petey’s urinalysis test? negative?

Comment by MOM

100% negative. 100% healthy. it’s excitement or nerves. i have to carry him down stairs. he won’t even come out of the crate when it’s time to walk. he just gets super submissive and lays on his back for me to scratch him, etc. even if i fake leave the apartment and make sounds like i’m going down stairs w/o him, he just waits for me to come back. i’m not worried. i think he’ll grow out of it. what else can i do?

Comment by skatp

though I never did this…….perhaps taking the water bowl away after about 8 pm. you are not on a desert…… is not that hot in your apartment. why not try that. Pete will survive.
xoxoxo MOM

Comment by MOM

[…] You’ve all been very helpful, having me get him tested to make sure he didn’t have a urinary tract or bladder infection.  (He […]

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