Gefilte Fish Out of Water

January 16, 2010, 9:28 am
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Lame post.  But I’m about to do a ton of them, and I decided to include this before wiping these pics off my hard drive.   In Israel, New Year’s Eve isn’t nearly the big deal that it is in the U.S. , Europe, Latin America and elsewhere.  That’s because in Israel we already have our own new year, Rosh Hashana.  January 1 isn’t even a holiday here.

But, it’s not like Israelis don’t like an excuse to party (plus, our Jewish calendar, which is a lunisolar calendar, is really only used for religious holiday observances and for official business by the State of Israel; practically speaking, we all use the Gregorian calendar that the whole world observes).

Who the eff is this Sylvester guy anyway?  Not such a cool guy for the Jews, actually.  He was a Roman pope in the fourth century A.D., who passed a ton of anti-Semitic legislation and forbid us from living in Jerusalem.  Yay!  But whatevs, apparently German speaking countries and Poland also use this term, and the reason why we do, too, probably has to do with early waves of European immigration to Israel.

That’s about it.  I went to BEEF, which is this pretty cool, weekly gay party with a leather theme.  But I had my new BlackBerry set to “BlackBerry Time” (instead of “network time”), and it turned out to be 15 minutes slow.  I was running late, and I thought I’d arrived just before midnight.  When it passed 12:00, I asked a friend, Wow, I know it’s not a huge deal, here, but there’s not even a countdown? (b/c the night did have a special New Year’s theme with streamers, etc).  My friend was like, Scott, duh – it’s 12:20 right now! #FAIL

Anyway, no biggie.  Here’s some more pics:

This was some wannabe, trying to break David Blane's record for being suspended in a block of ice

This looked really cool. Hard to tell from the BBerry pic, but it was a "party bus," with DJ, disco lights, and dancing revellers inside. Had a huge crowd of onlookers around it. Did look really fun inside.


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