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People It’s Funny to see Wearing a Yarmulke
January 16, 2010, 12:02 pm
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Just like I had the idea to do a running series on G-Fish of all the ass-crack on display here in this country (e.g. construction workers, plumbers, teens, nuns, kindergarten teachers, rabbis, Netanyahu), I’ve been wanting to do something similar with people you usually don’t expect to see wearing a yarmulke.  Maybe it’s only me, but I dunno, for me it’s funny to see a cop wearing a kippa, or a security guard, or a soldier.

The reason why I haven’t done either of these yet, is because I am just not that fast with my camera.  Particularly with the ass-crack, which peeps probably don’t want posted on the Internet despite broadcasting it 24/7 during their actual lives, it is a bit dicey trying to inconspicuously grab a shot of the crack.  I don’t know how my friend J-Scot does it.

But anyway, here, crudely caught at a distance by my BlackBerry camera, is subject no. 1 – a garbage man.   When is the last time you saw one of them rockin’ the Yarmulke.

Just sayin’.


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