Gefilte Fish Out of Water

Gentle Leader / “Halti”
January 16, 2010, 5:56 pm
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(Hard to see it, b/c it is black like Petey.)

I also posted recently about how I tried a choke chain on my friend Oren’s advice, to see if would stop Pete from pulling me on our walks.  Jeremy Yoda recoiled in terror when I told him (not really) and told me that he tells potential dog-walking clients he won’t walk their dogs if they’re on choke chains (for real).

When that post appeared in my friends’ Facebook news feeds, two of my friends suggested I try a Gentle Leader, also known by the name brand HALTI.  The choker wasn’t really working, so I gave this a shot next.  Guess what, you guys – it works!  Immediately, our walks were changed for the better!  Pete is not wild about his HALTI yet, I’ll have to admit it.  But he tolerates it, and I’m following the instructions in the book that was included, and distracting him when he moves his paw against it to brush it off by giving him a treat.

I’m also doing more training now, and if he does pull a little, I pull him back to me a little and say Heel! and give him a treat.  It’s already working, although he probably thinks that Heel! means treat. It’s a little tricky, because Pete is a short dog.  The leash attaches to a ring on the HALTI that’s under Pete’s chin.  So, since he’s low to the ground (short legs), he is sometimes stepping over his leash and getting it in b/t his legs, and I have to correct it.  Probably wouldn’t be as much of an issue for a dog with longer legs.  But it’s still a major improvement.  He’s much more aware of me, and we really walk more together now.  Yay.


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