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“But dude, you’re already doing it!”
January 16, 2010, 11:44 am
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While me & Jeremy were waiting our turn at the Misrad HaRishuey for Step 4 of getting our Israeli driver’s licenses, we had some time to shoot the shit.  J talked about his dog care business and exploring plans to become a wedding photographer.  I talked about how I recently got a second job as a social media consultant and it’s looking good with another new client to land a similar project.

I was giving props to J for having successfully created and run his own business in Toronto and having established a business here, too, and already be looking into creating another one.  I believe in The Secret, and so I didn’t wanna say Wow, Jeremy – I could never do what you did and create my own business, because by saying that I would be creating a reality for myself where I could, in fact, never do that.  But I did explain how while I really enjoy being a #2 guy with a firm and handling much of the important stuff, I really, really prefer having a boss and not being the “one in charge”/having the final say/dealing with the infrastructure & tax & accounting stuff, etc.

Jeremy’s listening, and then he goes, But you already are starting your own business, Scott.  You’re a full-time communications consultant for your nonprofit client, you landed your own second client (first one as a Social Media Consultant), and are in the process of landing a third. By George, he’s right!  I AM doing all that, including creating all the invoices and hiring my own accountant to handle taxes, expenses and shiz.  Without even realizing, I have been starting my own Social Media Consultancy.  Wow, fancy that.

I’ll tell ya, though, this period is feeling a little rough.  Because I do want to grow this Consultancy, I don’t want to turn down any new business that comes my way.  But so far, the new clients do not provide enough income for me to support myself, so I don’t want to let go of my full-time gig with the nonprofit.  So, right now, I’m working 49 hours/week, and if I get the third client that could soon jump to 64 hours/week.

Yikes, is right.  Plus, doing the stuff on the side, ’cause you never know if that’s going to take off.  Plus, going to the gym, AA, trying to go out sometimes in hopes of meeting someone, returning calls and maintaining my friendships here in Israel, cobbling time together to Skype family and friends back in America, returning Facebook emails, and I really want to pick back up the project of writing my memoir about how I made Aliyah so fast after visiting Israel only one time.  I have connections to three literary agents back in New York willing to take a look at any manuscript I deliver, which is something most people do not have.  I believe in my writing, and this will be successful….if I just find the time to do it.  I already have 45 pages of a first draft in the can.

This is a period of adjustment for me.  The additional jobs are new, and I will get better at managing my time.  Right now, I am stuck in a bit of a cycle, whereby I don’t get up until 10:00 a.m., so I wind up doing errands for a few hours in the morning, instead of writing my Tweets and Facebook fan page updates for my client.  They don’t get posted until the end of the day (to sync up with the North American west coast business day), but I am trying to get them written each morning, so all I have to do later on is post them.

Noon or 1pm is Petey’s and my time together in the dog park.  I sit and read TIME magazine, or help my friend Oren cheat on crossword puzzles.  Pete tires himself out wrestling with other dogs and running around.   Then, he’s all crashed out back in the apartment, when I start work from home for the nonprofit from 2-9pm.  Then, because I haven’t written the other clients Tweets/FB updates yet, I do that from 9-10:30pm, then force myself out the door and to the gym for a workout every other day before closing time at midnight.  Then, of course, I can’t come home and crash right away; I need some time to decompress.  I usually do this via Facebook, Tweetdeck, Mashable and PerezHilton.  Soon, I’m gonna have to start watching American Idol and Lost, too.

Anyway, this started out as just a short post about how Jeremy helped me see a great accomplishment of mine – that I’m already doing something I thought I could never do.  But I guess I also needed to make a plea for sympathy get all that out, about how really busy I am right now.


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