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Petey’s Famous !
January 10, 2010, 1:45 am
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LOL, sometimes karma can be so much fun.  For years during my PR career, I would send Profnets to my friends, when I thought they could get into a story.  Profnets are – or at least were; are they still around? – a service where reporters would post queries about sources they were looking to interview for stories they were working on.  I’d see one called Women’s Magazine Story on New Mom of Twins and send it to my friend Amy, or – aw hell, it’s late, you get the idea.

Anyway, my friend and colleague Jenny Chang – Fox 5 !! sends me a link to a HARO – which is basically a free service that everyone in PR switched to that helped kill Profnet – with a note saying, OMG, you have to answer this !!! It was about a guy doing a book on people who created Facebook pages for their pets.  (Actually, it turned out not to be for the book; it was only for a blog post to promote the book; whatevs.)  I sent the guy an email and never heard back.  I thought I would’ve heard something; we were the perfect source the query was looking for.

Then, I get an email this week from the guy’s PR guy.  They used my email in the promo blog post.  Cheeseballs that I was used to sell the book instead of being in it.  But like I said – whatevs.  And Petey is on his way to being the star I know his is…

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