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Exhilarated & Stressed
January 10, 2010, 12:39 am
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Let me lay it out for you: yesterday afternoon I worked on writing another page for the job-that-I-don’t-talk-about-on-here‘s new website, which we’re launching next month.  I’m really proud of this project; the site is going to be fabulous.  Plus, this particular page was very challenging; I was taking complex financial and estate planning stuff and explaining it very simply to the casual reader who might want to leave this organization a bequest in his/her will.

Then…yuck.  My nearly 4-year old PC, which had been slowing down dramatically the last six months, crashed when I was updating its drivers last night.  Not the world’s worst news – I have all my important docs, media & data saved on an external hard drive – but it kept me up very late trying to save it.

Then, this morning, I listened to Shabi’s full Silvano Orsi interview, so I could write out the questions we would film me reading into the camera later today.  After that, I wrote up news briefs for the six stories we’d also be filming me read.  Then, I rode my bike – dressed in my on-camera suit – to the part of town where Shabi lives.  We did the filming, which went really well.  (I have to let go of the results of what the final edit will look like; I already know you’ll see me looking down at my notes a lot on camera.)

All the while, I’m trying to keep my dog entertained and make sure he gets outside for walks instead of just watching me type all day.

I also squeezed in an AA meeting, then did my ROASTe Tweets & FB updates, and now at 2:30 a.m. I’m blogging my personal shiz.

I have to tell you….I love it.  Don’t think for one second that I don’t love the fact that I’m certain I am the only person in all of Israel living this incredibly packed life of really interesting activities.  I mean, c’mon – racing around town on my bike dressed in a suit to go film YouTube videos about Middle Eastern LGBT news reports, and then coming home to write pithy, upscale coffee Tweets?  You can’t make this shit up!

But – there’s also a lot of stress.  I’m under very real financial pressures now.  I don’t make enough money to support myself at the moment.  I should be alright now that there’s Job # 2, and Job # 1 has a raise for me in the works.  But it’s tight, and I’m dipping into savings now.  Plus – today was a gorgeous in Tel Aviv – 77° and sunny.  My neighborhood was wall-to-wall families with strollers and people on roller blades and walking dogs.  My neighbor Ilana went to the beach.  My other neighbor Justin went to the gay nude beach in Ga’ash.  As much as i love running around with a purpose and being busy…I kinda deserve a day off to be naked around beautiful men on the beach, too, you know?


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