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Bad Boy
January 10, 2010, 2:40 am
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The pic has nothing to do with this post, but I needed a Petey image I haven’t used before, and well, this gem speaks for itself.  Pete’s neutered, and sometimes the doggies who still have nuts get confused.  LOL.

Anyway, yesterday Petey had two accidents that were both so unnecessary, confounding… and troubling.

  • Accident # 1:  I had been blogging.  Pete was curled up asleep in my lap the whole time.  It was only 3 hours since his last walk outside.  I decided to take him for one again.  So, when I finished the post, I set him down and told him, C”mon – let’s go outside for a walk! Then, I went over to the butcher’s block which has kinda become the dog corner, and began loading up my pockets with treats and poo bags, and I walked to the closet to get his leash and – WTF !?! – Petey has walked into his crate and starts taking a piss right on his dog bed.

WTF, dog !?!

  • Accident # 2:  Later that same day.  I’m at the computer working, Pete’s in his crate.  [Let me back up a step and recap our routine nowadays.  It used to be that post-walk, Pete got 30-45 minutes free time in the apartment with me, then I put him back in his crate.  But he’s older now, and I’ve started to leave the crate open for him and and just kinda goes in there on his own and goes to sleep – with the door still open.  Then, eventually I’ll go over and close it.  Because if he comes out again on his own, I’m afraid he’ll have an accident. This happened last week.  I think he’s been conditioned to think: when I come out of the crate, I go pee pee.]  Anyway, so this is what was going on at the time; I was working, he was hanging by me, chewing on toys until he went into his crate voluntarily and fell asleep on his dog bed.  Eventually I closed and locked the door.  Three hours pass, and I decide to take him for a walk again.  [OK, another pause: Yoda Jeremy says that puppies get another hour of bladder capacity for every month of puppyhood.  So, by that reasoning, Pete can hold it b/t 5-6 hours now, which he has totally demonstrated to be true.  Three hours is nothing for him, in terms of holding it in, at this point.]  So, I go over there, having already loaded up with walk paraphernalia, open up the crate, watch him do his adorable downward and upward dog stretches, and we go over to the front door.  As I’m unlocking the door, he starts peeing.  Again,

WTF, dog !?!

I lose my temper, hold his jaw and hit his snoot, hold his snoot to the pee puddle and yell NO!, then pick him up and run downstairs with him, and set him down in our front garden.  He resumes peeing, and when he finishes I praise him, rub him and give him treats.

Also, while we’re at it – other times, he almost makes it all the way down the stairs and outside before peeing, but not quite; he starts to pee a little early – midway down the stairs, or just inside of the building’s front door as I open it up.  Then I have to go back upstairs and get a cleaner and some paper towels and clean it up so I’m not a bad neighbor.

Here’s what gets me.  Pete knows better than this.  He’s been getting positive reinforcement (treats) for going outside (and sometimes negative reinforcement when he goes inside and I lose my temper like I just described – not proud of it!) for almost three months with me (has it been that long already??)  He gets it by now, I know he does.  He knows the drill.  Then, who can explain these accidents to me, please – anybody?

Is he acting out at me for not taking him out to play enough?  Hey, I take him to the dog park everyday at 1pm for an entire hour and let him play.  And we go out for walks a lot.  I can’t help it if I spend most of my time typing at the computer.  Both my jobs and my main hobby involve writing.  It pays our bills, Pete!  I sometimes take mini-breaks from the computer and fake wrestle with him, or lay on my back and let him lick my face or walk onto my belly.  I also let him climb up onto my lap and sleep there while I blog.  I have guilt that I don’t take him outside for exercise enough; that our walks may be frequent, but they are short.

I dunno.  My friend Nate tonight said maybe our walks are too frequent.  Maybe boyfriend’s just getting lazy at exercising bladder control b/c he knows we’re going out every three hours.  Maybe I’ve been too accommodating?


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Doesw he have a urine infection? The vet will need a urine sample.

Comment by Frank Piro

Dunno. Hadn’t considered this. U think it really could b this? Should we make special apprt for it?

Anybody else want to weigh in?

Comment by skatp

Soon after moving (half way across the US) my then 8 month old dog started having “accidents” 2 vets and almost a year later I went to see vet #3 for an emergency (no clue what it was) he asked if anything else was going on. I told him about the other 2 vets telling my that maybe I had not done a good job house breaking he said it was easy enough to find out and took a urine sample… he said it was the worse case of a bladder infection he had seen in over 20 years. peeing while walking down the stairs is not easy for a dog, loosing your temper may not help it could be anxious peeing too.

Good luck, I remember calling my mom to ask her why our dogs were never so much trouble as puppies – she laughed. Be patient, once you get through the teething and other puppy hell you’ll start to forget it.

Comment by Sophie

Thank you so much, Sophie! My dad has been suggesting the same thing. I’ve been thinking we could wait until our next scheduled visit for a worm shot in a few weeks. Petey’s pee issue is so inconsistent/unpredictable, so it made me think it couldn’t be an infection. But you have convinced me. I am going to take a sample and bring it to the vet.

Thanks, Internet!

Comment by skatp

Scott Petey may have a urinary tract infection. there are two ways to collect a specimen. and just drop it off at the vets and wait for the results by phone. if he squats get a little tupperware bowl or actually a plastic plate from a tv dinner is great and cover it. anyway if he still squats when he is making a peepee just quietly put the dish under it and collect the urine. If he lifts his leg like a big boy take a soup ladel and while he is going try to scoop some when he is going. good luck. this should not be happening. is he drinking more water than usual? MOM

Comment by MOM

[…] after I posted about this, my mom, my dad, and a G-Fish reader I’ve never met in person all commented that this could be a bladder or urinary tract infection.  [Woah! This just in: I just read the […]

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