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Third Interview
December 31, 2009, 6:10 pm
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I still can’t talk about the details yet, but – you know that corporate blogging position I teased in a post this week?  Well, I had been second guessing myself about my performance on the second interview.  Maybe I was too enthusiastic; too much “Scotty P” when I should have been more “F. Scott Piro.”

Anna had fabulous insights about his.  She basically just said, No, you were just you, and that’s what’s going to get you the job, not being ‘anyone else.’ (♥ her!!!)  Same day as the second interview, me and the co-owner Tweeted each other and he told me, Stay tuned…I may want you to speak to our co-owner in America. My brain was like – ‘May’?…why ‘May’ (vs. definitely)…what does that mean: he’s not sure? Again, Anna has Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions-level insights when she fires out without a beat, I’ll tell you what ‘May’ means: it means he has to talk to his colleague in America before he can say yes, and the colleague will do either one of two things: he’ll either say, ‘Yeah, I wanna talk to this guy.  Set it up,” or he’ll say, ‘You know what, I don’t really need to talk to him…if you like him, then that’s all I need to know.” Dude, that makes so much sense!  Anna is a frigging genius, and she really calmed me down about things.

But the guy said he would get back to me either that same afternoon of the second interview (which was Monday), or the next day.  Yesterday, I was like, Shit.  Today is two days later; he said he’d be back to me by now.  Uh-oh…maybe I was too enthusiastic and easy with him, as if I’d already gotten the job.  Plus, the woman he interviewed after me (who I saw), did look smart.  Maybe the more he thought about it, the more he was leaning against me.

Although…in the positive superstition department, I did have my most Terrible Hair Day of 2009 for this interview.  I’m growing it out again, and my standard ‘long-hair hair product’ isn’t working as well as it usually does; my old bottle may have gone bad, or something.  Anyway, my hair was doing these serious windblown-like Botticelli curls on meth or something.  This is actually good, b/c I also had terrible hair for the job interview that landed me my last job, and I got that.  Also, I’ve remembered I have all these great learning-Hebrew podcasts on my iPod, and I’ve been listening to them lately as I ride around town on my bicycle because I haven’t hardly picked up a book and done any other studying Hebrew since finishing Ulpan three months ago, and I’m forgetting Hebrew faster than Tiger Woods is losing sponsors.  Anyway, I finished one of them mid-bike ride over to the second interview, and when I started the next one, it “just happened” to be titled “The Coffee Shop.” (I’ve been coy, but from that clue, plus the image at the top of the post, you can glean that this is relevant.)  Definite good omen!

Hard to tell, but I am absolutely drenched in this pic.

So, I got back from my emotional high of a morning at this NbN Aliyah Welcome Ceremony thingdrenched, because it has started pouring, and I had to ride my bike home in it.  I decide to email the guy and say, Hi, any news? Well, turns out he had emailed me two days ago !!!   I’ve been using an email address to communicate with him that I don’t usually use; it’s one I dedicate just to writing projects, and I first learned about this opp through the CIWI yahoo group.  I should have caught it on my BlackBerry when it came it, but somehow I didn’t.  So, Yay! – I returned the email immediately and also replied to him on Twitter.

Later that afternoon his partner in America called.  It was quite funny, actually, b/c we kept having crappy reception over Skype and calling each other back, and then my dog Petey had to go out because he had been inside a long time, and the American partner said he would call my cell phone, but I had put the SIM card in backwards on my new BlackBerry, so he couldn’t…but then I figured it out and he did call…as I was being pulled downstairs by my dog, AND my neighbor just happened to pass by going up the stairs, which caused Petey to lunge and jump up on her…all the while, I’m trying to sound professional and serious.  It was really some screwball comedy shiz.

Long story short, I wound up having a great conversation with the guy, and there was a good connection there.  He asked for some writing samples, which I sent over last night.  If I get this, it will be part-time at first (20 hrs/week), and I’ll have to maintain my current job’s 39 hrs/week, also.  (But since I’m so broke, this is actually a good thing.)  But – if I like working with them, and they like me and the job I do, AND if this startup continues to grow and the funds are there, they stated that there is definitely the potential that it could turn into a full time position.

Which it totally is going to, BTW.  I can feel this, and I know it.

Yayee, McYay !!!

Going places.


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Comment by Frank Piro

u gonna be around next 30 min? i’m making new years calls…

Comment by skatp

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