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A BOLD New World
December 31, 2009, 5:15 pm
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I saw an email from the Nefesh b’Nefesh Yahoo group that another Oleh was selling his BlackBerry BOLD 9000.  I’ve been using an unlocked (and I suspect, refurbished) Curve 8310 that I bought off of ebay and had someone transport over here.  After some initial dramz and having someone schlep it back to America to return it for me, then schlep the replacement back over here, I got it to work last summer, and I’ve been quite happy with it.  Until lately.  It’s been giving me the “hourglass of death” at random times, and really stopping me cold sometimes when I need to make a call, send a Tweet, or look up some info.

The BOLD sells for 4000 shekels in Israel ($1081 – yeah, they are crazy expensive here, which is why I had an unlocked one from the U.S. sent over here in the first place), and he was offering it for half that.  Since I’m otes-tay (Pig Latin for totes) poor of late, I couldn’t justify spending that amount.  I figured I’d let some time go by and then shoot him a lowball offer.  If it hadn’t been sold yet, it was meant to be mine.  Turns out, he had sold it the day before I emailed him.

But then, he emailed a day later.  The woman who had bought it from him returned it.  There was nothing wrong with it, he insisted, she was just an idiot.  So, I met up with him, and once I saw it, I knew I wanted it deep in my bones.

Screen so pretty!

I needed to transfer some funds, and so I had to wait a day or two to buy it from him.  Yesterday I picked it up.  And, I literally spent the next 9.75 hours tricking it out and apping it up with all the apps from my old Curve.  Except for the trackball being a little hard to roll left, a stupid BOLD phone feature that automatically creates unchangeable shortcuts on the speed dial list for “a,” “q,” and “w,” and the fact that it’s a little harder to type fast on it that it was the Curve, I’m totes in love with my new toy.


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