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Dog vs. Vac
December 12, 2009, 8:25 pm
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Not much to say here.  It’s a cliché,  but dogs just ain’t wild about vacuum cleaners.  I’ve been wanting one, because sweeping alone (and even Swiffer dustering) just can’t keep up with how much dirt and dust accumulates on the floor – especially now that I have a son dog.  A vacuum is more hygienic and better for allergies.  So I spent 685 shekels ($185) for a mid-range vac, with some of the newer technologies (e.g. doesn’t use bags, built-in air filter, etc.)

Anyway, Pete did not hate the thing and bark at it like crazy, like the cliché goes.   But he was a little rattled by it and certainly very curious.  I guess there was no reason to panic when he saw how calm I was about it.


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Hey dude you are right, it is nice to have a vacuum cleaner in the house, if pet/dog is your family member. Vacuum cleaner is more powerful than a groom and it will clean your house without raising dust mite in the air, which cause allergy to your pet…

Vacuum cleaner helps to keep our pet safe from allergies.


Comment by Allergy Symptoms - Allergy Testing

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