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December 5, 2009, 9:02 pm
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Pete LOVES to be on my lap.  And I quite like it, too.  🙂

Mainly this happens if I’m watching TV on my computer or when I’m doing morning meditation.  Both times I’m on my le corbusier lounge.

I find it absolutely adorbs when he shifts around to get even more comfortable, like how I might do if I were laying in bed.  But lately, because he has grown, he’s almost always falling off when he does this.  He’s not too big to be up on my lap yet…but he’s getting there, and he is def too big to shift around without taking a tumble.  I kind of have to put my arms around him as guard rails.  He kind of likes this, I think the way a newborn likes to be swaddled.

Uh-oh, what’s he gonna do when he gets even bigger?  You know he’s not gonna really understand that he’s too big for my lap.  Is he gonna think I’m rejecting him?  My friend Anna said he’ll just lay next to me on the floor and lay his head on me like a pillow.  Aww.


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Yeah, my dog used to do that too– I would pick her up, carry her around, she would sit in/on my lap. She still does sit in my lap if I’m on the floor and I’m ring sitting. Or she puts her head in my lap if I’m on the floor or on a chair. Or I lay down on her (she makes a fantastic heated pillow).

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