Gefilte Fish Out of Water

It’s official – I’m going to hell.
December 2, 2009, 10:51 am
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It’s hard coming up with new ideas for columns every week.  Especially when I kinda do the same things: work, walk the dog, work out, do my creative writing.  You think people would read a column about flossing?

My friend Simona DM’d me over Twitter that I should write about the Israeli gay scene.  Well, it was either that or a column about flossing, so I did. I wrote about what I know, which is all I can really ever do.   And as I was writing, I figured There’s a million and one gay travel stories on Tel Aviv that just mention the gay beach and main bars…I should write about the stuff you’d never find online, the stuff potential gay Olim or tourists really want to know – you know, sexyshiz and the like.  

But Zoinks!  Do I really need my mom knowing there are more Tops than Bottoms in Tel Aviv?  Well, she does now.  Fuck it, writers are supposed to be fearless.  No turning back now.

Check in out here.  P.S. Like the new iGoogled Xmas banner?


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I always read Scott’s suff. It’s refreshing, from the heart, and entertaining.

Subject matter sometimes is targeted to specific audiences. If the audience has tolerance, the result may be educating. Try “string theroy” debates in Popular Science magazine.

Comment by Frank Piro

Thanks, Dad! Loving the boots, by the way.

Comment by skatp

Love reading your material Scott – always entertaining!

On that note – my gay cousin is arriving for a visit soon – so I def’s need to read your new article on Uncovering the Tel Aviv gay scene….

So thanks!

Comment by Lisa

Yay, we love fans! BTW, did you mean your cute & single gay cousin?

Comment by skatp

I’m so glad I somehow came across your blog. As a young gay man who has visited Israel twice and thought about aliyah several times (yet is still in the US), I find it very interesting and look forward to following your journey. Best of luck in your new life in Israel!

Comment by Danny

Hi, Danny – I’m glad you’re enjoying G-Fish. And thank you so much for posting your comment. I blog mainly for me – to both let friends/family back home know what’s going on with me, and also for the creative release it gives me. But to get a comment like yours – that my stories speak to you and reading them helps you figure out parts of your own life somehow – it really has an impact on me and makes me feel terrific. What a gift! So thanks for that.

Comment by skatp

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